Genshin Impact Weapon List, Rarity, and Leveling Up

View Genshin Impact weapons list here featuring all weapon types, rarity, and how to get the weapon.

Weapon Types

Currently, there are 5 weapon types in Genshin Impact such as Swords, Bows, Polearms, Claymores, and Catalysts.

Genshin Impact Swords List - zilliongamerSwords listSword is a weapon that has medium damage hits and attack speed.
Genshin Impact Bows List - zilliongamerBows listBow is a weapon that use for long range attack, and it require aim skill. / charge attacks.
Genshin Impact Polearms List - zilliongamerPolearms listPolearm is a weapon that has the fastest attack with long reach.
Genshin Impact Claymores List - zilliongamerClaymores listClaymore is a weapon that hit slow but deal very high damage per swing.
Genshin Impact Catalysts List - zilliongamerCatalysts listCatalysts is an elemental damage that cast spell to deal damage. /charge attacks.

Weapons Rarity

Weapons has it own rarity known as star (1 to 5 star). The higher the star the better the weapons overall stats and the harder to be obtained.

How to Get Weapon in Genshin Impact

There are different ways to get weapons in Genshin Impact, and how to get weapons is also depend it rarity.

  • 1, 2, and 3 star weapons can be obtained from sub-bosses or chest in the world.
  • 4 star weapons can be obtained from Wishses or Forging.
  • 5 star weapons can only be obtained from Wishes.

Weapons Progression

There are 2 ways to level up your weapons in Genshin Impact such as Normal leveling and Ascensions.

Leveling Up

You need to level up your weapons in order to increase the weapon power, and it need to be leveling up by consuming other weapons or using enhancement metarails.


Weapons can be ascended once they reach their current max level up to 6 times. The it can no longer be ascended once the weapon reached level 90.

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