Spirit Carp Location Map & Farm Route | Genshin Impact

Spirit Carp is an item in the River Valleys of Chenyu Vale that can be used for offer to Rainjade Oblation in Genshin Impact. Here is a guide on how to use it, its location, and the best route to farm these items.

Spirit Carp Map Location & Best Farming Routes

Here is the map location of the Spirit Carp Location Map. (Click on Image to view bigger image)

Spirit Carp Location Guide Genshin Impact

Spirit Carp Best Farming Routes

We created this route to farm faster and more efficiently by using Teleporter and Statues to make it closer to the Spirit Carp Location which players spend less time collecting.

Spirit Carp Location Guide Genshin Impact

What is Spirit Crap?

Spirit Crap is an item formed from the condensed adeptal energy, swimming freely amidst mountains and river valleys.

How to get Spirit Carp

The Spirit Carp isn't available to purchase in any shop. However, you find these items around mountains and river valleys in Chenyu Vale. There are a total of 50 Spirit Carps in Chenyu Vale.

How to Use the Spirit Carp

After collecting enough Spririt Crap you can offer them to the Rainjade Oblation to get the reward and blessing.

End of Spirit Carp - Location & Best Farm Route.

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