Kalpalata Lotus Location Map & Farm Route | Genshin Impact

Kalpalata Lotus is an item in the Sumeru region that can be used for characters' ascension in Genshin Impact. Here is a guide on how to use it, its location, and the best route to farm Kalpalata Lotus.

Kalpalata Lotus Map Location & Best Farming Routes

Here is the map location of the Kalpalata Lotus Location Map. (Click on Image to view bigger image)

Kalpalata Lotus Map Location Guide Genshin Impact

Kalpalata Lotus Best Farming Routes

We created this route to farm faster and more efficiently by using Teleporter and Statues to make it closer to the Kalpalata Lotus Location which players spend less time collecting.

Kalpalata Lotus Farming Route Genshin Impact

What is Kalpalata Lotus?

Kalpalata Lotus is a flower from vines that grow on cliff sides. It is called a lotus only because it has a similar appearance to one. Aside from that, it bears no other similar properties to the lotus.

How to get Kalpalata Lotus?

The Kalpalata Lotus isn't available to purchase in any shop. However, you find these items around the mountain in Sumeru. There are a total of 66 Kalpalata Lotus in the mountains of Sumeru.

How to Use the Kalpalata Lotus?

You can use Kalpalata Lotus to level up characters such as Dori and Nahida.

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