Chimeraland Grapple Hook List

Grapple Hook is a tool in Chimeraland. Find all Grapple Hook detail such as skills, how to craft, and materials here.

Grapple Hook Skill 

There are 5 grades of Grapple in Chimeraland such as Common, Rare, Epic.

  • All of rarity has 1 skill.

Grapple Hook

Launch an energy ball towards the center. When the energy ball reaches its maximum distance, recall the rope, and instantly pull yourself to where the energy ball is.

Background Info

Used to hook onto an object and pull yourself to its location. You'll feel light as a bird.

Common Grapple Hook

Chimeraland Common Grapple Hook Tools - zilliongamer

Grade: Common

Meridian PowerDURHRD
ATKArmor Pierce

How to craft Common Grapple Hook:

Chimeraland Board Materials: Fine Board - zilliongamerFine Board x2Chimeraland Cook Materials: Fine Hemp Rope - zilliongamerFine Hemp Rope x2

Rare Grapple Hook

Chimeraland Rare Grapple Hook Tools - zilliongamer

Grade: Rare

Meridian PowerDURHRD
ATKArmor Pierce

How to craft Rare Grapple Hook:

Chimeraland Board Materials: Uncommon Board - zilliongamerUncommon Board x2Chimeraland Cook Materials: Fine Hemp Rope - zilliongamerFine Hemp Rope x3Chimeraland Common Grapple Hook Tools - zilliongamerCommon Grapple Hook x1

Epic Grapple Hook

Chimeraland Epic Grapple Hook Tools - zilliongamer

Grade: Epic

Meridian PowerDURHRD
ATKArmor Pierce

How to craft Epic Grapple Hook:

Chimeraland Board Materials: Excellent Board - zilliongamerExcellent Board x2Chimeraland Cook Materials: Superb Beast Tendon Rope - zilliongamerSuperb Beast Tendon Rope x2Chimeraland Rare Grapple Hook Tools - zilliongamerRare Grapple Hook x1

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