COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks: New Guns, Maps, & Gamemode

Here are some new leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 covering new guns, maps, and gamemode that are expected to come in August update.

COD Mobile Season 9 New Guns Leaks

In COD Mobile Season 9, there are 4 new guns name that appeared as glitch in gunsmith which are M13 and GPAS-12, Dredge 48, and Kar98K.


COD Mobile Kar98K New Gun Leaks | zilliongamer

The newest test server out today leaks the Kar98K under a brand new weapon type call "marksmanrifles". The Karabiner 98K (Kar98) is a long range marksman rifle with slow fire rate.

This gun is expected to be coming in Season 9 Battle Pass since the next theme is "World War II".


COD Mobile M13 New Gun Leaks | zilliongamer

M13 is an assault rifle that is similar to the M4 but has higher damage and faster fire rate and the M13 is one of the best gun in COD Warzone right now.

The M13 can be seen in the guide screen when you click on Gunsmith for the first time although the picture is M4 but the name said M13.


COD Mobile GPAS-12 New Gun Leaks | zilliongamer

GPAS-12 is an automatic shotgun known as S12 or Saiga, it is a powerful close range weapons with high damage and very small pallet spread.

The GPAS-12 can be seen in FHJ-18 gunsmith when upgrading the attachments.

48 Dredge

COD Mobile 48 Dredge New Gun Leaks | zilliongamer

48 Dredge is a light machine gun that has very high damage and good fire rate with moderate recoil. It is also leaks in Season 9 test server game file but it might be coming out either Season 9 or 10.

Evo Skorpion

COD Mobile Evo Skorpion New Gun Leaks | zilliongamer

Evo Skopion or Skorpion EVO is a new submachine gun that spotted in Daily log in rewards of the test server. The Skorpion Evo is featured in COD Black Ops II and now it might come into COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 9 New Maps Leaks

The 3 maps that leaks in Season 9 are Pine, and Terminal and Alcatraz although Terminal and Alcatraz are found in game file, and only Pine is playable right now in test server.


Pine is a 2vs2 map that is located in the middle of the forest with a small walk path, sideway and other objects to use as a hide area or angle to hold the enemies.

COD Mobile Pine Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Pine Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

The map Pine is featured in COD Modern Warfare and is exclusive to the Gunfight mode only.


Terminal is a huge map located in Airport of Russia, with a lot of angle to play in, and most of the combat happen in medium or long range.

COD Mobile Terminal Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Terminal Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

The map Terminal is featured in several COD Franchise such as COD Modern Warfare 2, COD Modern Warfare 3, COD Infinite Warfare and more.


Shipment map can now be played in new season 9 test server, it is a small square map pack of close range combat from every side.

COD Mobile Shipment Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Shipment Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

The map Shipment has appeared in several franchise including COD 4 Modern Warfare, COD Online, Modern Warfare Resmastered and more.


Alcatraz is a map that available to play in Call of Duty Blackout, it is a huge map that featured 10 squad of 4 players with extremely high loot rate.

COD Mobile Alcatraz Map Leaks | zilliongamer

Alcatraz is belived to be a second version of the new Battle Royale map that will be coming in either Season 9, 10 , or 11.

Rebirth Zombie Map

Rebirth is also found in a game file of Season 9 Test Server based on CODM_Updates.

COD Mobile Rebirth Map Leaks | zilliongamer


COD Mobile Rebirth Minimap Leaks | zilliongamer

Rebirth is a campign mission in COD Black Ops which the objective is to infiltrate the soviet base and confront Dr. Steiner. Rebirth might be a returned of Zombie map in the future season either Season 10 or 11.

COD Mobile Season 9 New Gamemode Leaks

The new gamemode in Season 9 that leaks is call 10v10 Collection, it is a brand new and the only gamemode that allows 10 players on each side.

COD Mobile 10v10 Gamemode Leaks | zilliongamer

For now in the testing phase that gamemode can be play in Deathmatch, Dominaiton, and more. The combat action in this mode is MADNESS.


A new gamemode that available to play in the Season 9 test server part 2 is call Headquarters.

COD Mobile Headquarter Gamemode Leaks | zilliongamer

It is a new gamemode that require your team to capture and defend your headquarters from enemy's attack. The score is up to 125 to win.


COD Mobile Hardcore Gamemode Leaks | zilliongamer

Hardcore is a new gamemode in COD Mobile Test Server part 2, in Hardcore gamemode you will have less health, Limited HUD, and Friendly Fire on.


In conclusion, These are all the new leaks in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 which includes 3 new guns, 4 new maps, and 1 new gameplays. However, not all the leaks are gurranteed to comeout Season 9, some of them might come out in Season 10 or 11 even though it leaks now.