Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 8 (2023) Weapons Meta

Struggling to find the perfect assault rifle in this season? We got you. Here are 10 of the best assault rifles in COD Mobile Season 8 that you can use in multiplayer and battle royale.

Best Assault Rifle in 2024

best assault rifles cod mobile

Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile 2023

  1. Kilo 141
  2. Krig 6
  3. FFAR-1
  4. DR-H
  5. AS VAL
  6. LK24
  7. Type 25
  8. AK117
  9. Maddox
  10. Peacekeeper MK2

These are the meta leading assault rifles that are used by a majority of high ranked and casual players in Season 8. Here’s why.

1. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is the best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 8, for new players, for professional players, for multiplayer, and for battle royale. It’s an insanely versatile gun.

best assault rifles in cod mobile: kilo 141

The Kilo 141 will dominate the enemy at any range, the gun is incredibly versatile and can be used for close range, medium range, and long range.

Having low recoil also adds to the Kilo 141 strength which makes the gun very accurate and easy to control no matter how far your target is.

Adding on top of it, the Kilo 141 also has great mobility, high magazine size, and is very easy to get.

2. Krig 6

The second best assault rifle in Season 8 is the Krig 6. Powerful, accurate, and mainly used in multiplayer.

second best assault rifles in cod mobile: krig 6

The Krig 6 deals very high damage with a very fast fire rate making insanely fast time to kill if you have good aim, it also has very high mobility which is good for any roles in multiplayer lobby.

For range wise, the Krig 6 assault rifle shines at close to medium range gunfight, it also has low recoil which make the gun easy to handle.

Playing with Krig 6 might require you to be more aggressive compared to Kilo 141 because you want to get in gunfight against other enemies in its prime range.

3. FFAR-1

FFAR-1 is the third best assault rifle to use in this season, another gun that is great for multiplayer lobbies with insane accuracy.

third best assault rifles in cod mobile: ffar-1

The FFA-1 is a very strong assault rifle that deals great damage with very fast fire rate and good for ranges as well, recoil wise, it has low recoil control so it’s not as hard to control it.

Unlike the Krig 6 where you need to be very aggressive, the FFAR-1 fits perfectly for those that like to play objective and pick players from medium or long range.

Overall, it’s a very great gun to use despite having lower mobility when compared to the top two but it can fit a certain playstyle.

4. DR-H

Ranking fourth on our list is the DR-H assault rifle, this gun used to be on top of the meta back in 2022, and now it’s a great versatile gun that still beam.

fourth best assault rifles in cod mobile: dr-h

The DR-H is a good gun that deals high damage and it has fast fire rate, the versatile meta increase the DR-H popularity and make it jump back to our top five

Not only is the DR-H popular, it also performs great especially in mid to long range thanks to its low recoil control and high accuracy strength.

A lot of players in Battle Royale also prefer DR-H over other assault rifles because of how well it perform at range.


Moving into the fifth position of our list is the AS VAL assault rifle, an aggressive weapon that is insanely good in multiplayer lobbies.

fifth best assault rifles in cod mobile: as-val

I remember playing this gun at its prime and testing it now, the AS VAL is still as powerful as it once was, the gun deals great damage with very fast fire rate and great mobility which is great for aggressive playstyle.

However, if you are new to the gun you might find the recoil a little bit harder to control compared to the top four, for veterans I don’t think the recoil is high for them. Give it some time and you will see how good the AS VAL is.

6. LK24

Standing on top of the bottom split in Season 8 we have the LK24 assault rifle, another good versatile gun to use for both multiplayer and battle royale.

sixth best assault rifles in cod mobile: lk24

If you don’t like the DR-H, this is a great alternative assault rifle for you in Battle royale. Till this day there are still a great number of players that prefer LK24 over any assault rifle and they are not wrong.

The LK24 is a good assault rifle but that's about it, it’s good. It deals good damage, good mobility, has fast fire rate, and good recoil control.

Once you manage to master the Lk24 you will gain the ability to beam enemies crossed map in both multiplayer and battle royale.

The LK24 is one of those guns that you either love or hate it, you either play with it all the time or let it collect dust on the shelf.

7. Type 25

Ranking at seventh in our list we have the Type 25 assault rifle, this is a good gun to use in multiplayer especially for aggressive playstyle.

seventh best assault rifles in cod mobile: type 25

The Type 25 is like an AS VAL little brother, its deals very high damage have very fast fire rate and also provide great mobility when run n guns, the only thing that make the gun hard to use is the recoil control. 

However, if you are in a high rank lobby and see dude with Type 25, you know you are in a real match because a lot of veterans really love this gun, high recoil seems to make their kills more worth it.

8. AK117

The AK117 is the eighth best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 8 to use in battle royale. Shout out to all the OGs that remember how powerful this gun was in 2019.

seventh best assault rifles in cod mobile: ak117

The AK117 assault rifle deals good damage with fast fire rate and extremely low recoil control, I am talking almost nonexistent, which is why it's really strong in battle royale because you can just beam enemies at long range easily.

Beside that, the AK117 is also good for multiplayer lobbies as well and it’s a fun assault rifle to use overall.

9. Maddox

Ranking number ninth we have the Maddox assault rifle, this is the FFAR-1’s little brother. It’s great for multiplayer but fits more for objective playstyle.

ninth best assault rifles in cod mobile: maddox

If you want an assault rifle to hold your hill, defend your hardpoint, or want to beam enemies that are rushing you, the Maddox is a great gun that can do just that.

The Maddox assault rifle deals great damage, good fire rate, and it also has pretty low recoil control. Mobility wise, the gun seems to add 20 kg over your body weight which make you pretty slow compared to other ARs, say the AS VAL or FFAR-1.

10. Peacekeeper MK2

Last but not least, we have the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle to conclude our best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 8.

tenth best assault rifles in cod mobile: Peacekeeper MK2

The PK or Peacekeeper is a good gun to use for both multiplayer and battle royale, it once used to be the best assault rifle as well, but after the attachment nerfs, the gun seems to decrease in terms of performance.

Plus you almost need to know science to come up with a proper Peacekeeper build, but we got you covered on that as well. Overall the PK is good, not great, but it still has low recoil control, good damage, and fast fire rate. What more can you ask for?


In Short, if you guys don’t really know which assault rifle to use in Season 8, we highly recommend that you try it all out, see which one you feel comfortable using the most, spend some time using it, and that gun will become the best assault rifle for you. But for us the Kilo 141 is still the king of assault rifle.