Best Carbine Rifle in Arena Breakout Season 1

The Carbine is very well known for their powerful mid to long range combat, its a semi automatic weapon that deals high damage with very great accuracy.

Currently in Arena Breakout there are a total of 8 Carbines that you can use and if you are struggling to find the best carbine, this article will help answer your question.

Best Carbine in Arena Breakout Season 1

Top 5 Best Carbines in Arena Breakout Right Now

  1. SKS
  2. M14
  3. Mini14
  4. SA85M
  5. BM59

These are the current best Carbines that you should use in Arena Breakout right now, they are very powerful guns if you want to be more accurate when hitting medium to long range enemies.

Down below are the reason why we ranked these 5 guns are the best carbines in Arena Breakout:

1. SKS

The SKS is the best carbine in Arena Breakout Season 1 that you should take advantage of.

SKS Arena Breakout Best Build - zilliongamer

The SKS has the highest accuracy amongst other carbines and it has a prime range of 110 meters with very good recoil control so hitting enemies at long range is very easy with this weapon.

Beside that, the SKS is also very affordable for all players and it's quite cheap to build the best SKS build, you only need around 20,000 Koen.

2. M14

The M14 is the second best carbine that is extremely powerful and packs a punch up to 120 meters.

M14 Arena Breakout Best Build - zilliongamer

The M14 has very high accuracy and really good recoil control, it is great for all range gunfight thanks to the good ergonomic and low recoil control combination.

The downside of the M14 is that it’s just a little more expensive to build compared to the SKS. It will cost you around 70,000 Koen to build the best M14 class.

3. Mini14

Ranking third in our list is the Mini14, this is a true all rounder carbine that you should try at least one.

Mini14 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

The Mini14 is a very accurate carbine that has a prime range of 100 meters beside that, it has very low recoil control when firing which makes you extremely precise with each of your shots.

For the cost to assemble the Mini14 budget build, you will need around 30,000 Koen. It’s quite expensive but some players might be able to afford it.

4. SA85M

The SA85M ranks the fourth best carbine in Arena Breakout Season 1. It’s a good close to mid range carbine.

SA85M Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

The SA85M is a good accuracy carbine with moderate recoil control and it has a prime range of 90 meters so for those that love using a close range carbine this gun is great for you.

The gun also has a decent rate of fire so each shot you make will require you to be a little more focused compared to the top 3 weapons.

The SA85M is pretty affordable, you only need around 15,000 koen to build a proper budget SA85M class and get into your raid.

5. BM59

Ranking number fifth at the bottom of our list is the BM59 Carbine. It’s another carbine that is really good for close to medium range gunfight.

BM59 Arena Breakout Best Build - zilliongamer

The BM59 is a carbine that has good accuracy and decent rate of fire with a prime range of 86 meters. Recoil wise, it has low recoil control and good ergonomics to help you react to gunfight especially in close range.

Price wise, it’s quite cheap to build the BM59 class from scratch, you only need around 25,000 Koen

Our thoughts on the current best Carbine in Season 1

Overall, when creating this carbine list we prioritize each gun's accuracy and the price it costs to build a proper class so that you can get it quick and don’t have to worry about how hard the gun is going to be.