How to Get Iron Alloy in Undawn

This article will be helpful if you start playing Undawn and try to get Iron Alloy but don't know how to get it. Down below we will show you the in-depth ways to get Crude Leather check out:

Iron Alloy in Undawn

Iron Alloy is not like some materials that we can farm it inside the Area of Undawn for free it's a Crafting Rare Result of Smelted Pig Iron Material that you can unlock this material at Character Lvl.10. And also we can use Iron Alloy as a material to craft Equipment & alloys.

How to Craft Iron Alloy

How to Craft Iron Alloy in Undawn

First, you need to go to Workbench then click on Craft Weapons > Click Screws Logo > Select Iron Alloy as we mention in the image above.

In order to craft Iron Alloy in Undawn you will need to combine these 5 materials down below:

Note: If you guys don't know how to get 5 materials above you can Click on its own Material Name to get more details about how to find it.

By following our steps above you now finally know how to craft Iron Alloy material in an easy way & get it as much as you want.