How to Get Redwood Cedar in Undawn

This article will help you if you just start playing Undawn and try to get Redwood Cedar but don't know how to find it. Well just follow our 2 easy steps below then you won't have any hard time finding Redwood Cedar anymore.

1. Find the Trees

How to Spot Redwood Cedar in Undawn

Here is the tip that makes you easy to find Redwood Cedar inside the game. Go to Redwood Forest by using Fast Travel inside the Map. After reaching the location find the Taller trees around you. Trees are the only resource that can give you both Redwood Cedar & Cedar Bark Materials. 

Note: Redwood Cedar is only available to gather in the Redwood Outpost Area.

2. Go Close to the Tree & Cut it down

How to Get Redwood Cedar in Undawn

After the follow our first step, Go closer to the tree then it will pop up a small box and show you that you can get Redwood Cedar & Cedar bark by logging the tree. But the chance that you can get Redwood Cedar is lower % than Cedar Bark.

Use your Axe to cut the tree down then you finally get Redwood Cedar that you are looking for.

With only 2 steps above you are no longer struggling to find Redwood Cedar. Get Redwood Cedar as much as you want for free & easily.