Lunar Legend Festival Event Guide

Find in-depth information on how to complete all missions in Lunar Legend Festival and the rewards you will get for each mission you've completed.

All Missions and Rewards

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InvitationPlay a game of TFTLike My Stripes? Emote
A Briny BargainFeed Tahm Kench a 2-star+ unit in exchange for the fish to give Lunar Beast Choncc15 Star Shards
Trash to TreasureCollect parts for Firecracker Duckbill's helicopter by upgrading 30 components using the Scrap trait15 Star Shards
Shopping SpreeBuy Porcelain Dowsie the perfect festival decorations by enrolling the shop 30 times15 Star Shards
A Prestigious PrizeWin a trophy for Year of the Tiger Protector by earning recognition. The higher you place the more recognition you get15 Star Shards
The Biggest of BoomsFind Firecracker Chibi Jinx the biggest firework by getting Jinx to cast her spell15 Star Shards
Signatur of the StarGet Lucky Noodle Dowsie an autograph by putting a 3-star champion in a Socialite Spotlight15 Star Shards
The Best BaubleFind Lucky Lantern Dango the shiniest trinket by collection 40 loot orbs15 Star Shards
Firecracker Duckbill's RiddleCombine two of the same component into a finished item twice in a single game15 Star Shards
Firecracker Chibi Jinx's RiddleField Mercenary 5 or 7Festival Firecracker
Porcelain Dowsie's RiddleUse Shroud of Stillness to delay spell cast for 15 opposing champions15 Star Shards
Lucky Noodle Dowsie's RiddleField both Transformer modes in a single game15 Star Shards
Lunar Beast Choncc's RiddleField two 2-star Colossus championsFestival of Beasts 2021 Egg
Year of the Tiger Protector's RiddleReceive a Celestial Blessing from an augmentYear of the Tiger 2022 Egg
Lucky Lantern Dango's RiddleEarn 7 points. Choosing a Prismatic Augment: 1 point. Field at least one Prismatic trait in a game: 3 points.15 Star Shards


Guide: Play a TFT game in any mode such as Normal, Ranked, Double Up, and Hyper Roll.

A Briny Bargain

Guide: Feed any 2-star champion to Tahm Kench to complete this mission. The best comp for this mission is Mercenary because this comp can give you a lot of gold from the chest and Gangplank, so you can level up faster to get Tahm Kench.

Trash to Treasure

Guide: In order to complete this mission fast, you need to build 6 Scrap comp then put a single item component on each Scrap's unit.

Shopping Spree

Guide: Playing in Hyper Roll will help you to complete this mission very fast in just a game. Remember to keep rolling!

A Prestigious Prize

Guide: This mission is completed by winning the game. Try to get 4th or higher place at the end of the games.

The Biggest of Booms

Guide: This mission can complete along with Trash to Treasure by playing Scrap comp then putting Jinx and let her cast her spell.

Signature of the Star

Guide: This mission requires you to put at least 1 Socialite (Taric, Seraphine, or Galio) and then put a 3-star champion in the Socialite Spotlight. 

The Best Bauble

Guide: This mission may need a couple of games to complete by collecting loot orbs in the PvE rounds. You will be able to complete this mission as you do the other mission.

Firecracker Duckbill's Riddle

Guide: In this mission, you need to combine the same component into a finished item twice in one game. Example: 2 Chain Vests will make a Bramble's Vest. Just do this process two times in a game.

Firecracker Chibi Jinx's Riddle

Guide: This mission is easy to be completed by active Mercenary 5 or 7.

Porcelain Dowsie's Riddle

Guide: You can make Shroud of Stillness by combining a Chain Vest with a Brawler's Glove. Equip this item on a unit and try to make the Shroud of Stillness effect hit enemies champions.

Lucky Noodle Dowsie's Riddle

Guide: Jayce is the main champion to complete this mission because he is the only Transformer. Try to put him in the front once and in the back once in a single game.

Lunar Beast Choncc's Riddle

Guide: Try to put 2 Colossus champions on the field and upgrade both of them to 2-star. Recommend champions: Cho'Gath and Sion because they can come out faster than Galio.

Year of the Tiger Protector's Riddle

Guide: This mission depends on your luck to get Celestial Blessing from an augment.

Lucky Lantern Dango's Riddle

Guide: To complete this mission, you may need several games. Try to play the main trait to reach the prismatic tier to get 3 points. If you are lucky, getting you will get another 1 point from each Prismatic Augment you have.


The Lunar Legend Festival went live during TFT Patch 12.2 on January 20, 2022. It will run for two patches and end on February 15, 2022.

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