2018-06-30 08:46:56

R1895 is a type of pistol that use 7.62mm ammo type. R1895 can't attach any scope. R1895 dose a lot of damage because of the ammo type that it use.


2018-06-30 09:20:46

P18C is a pistol that use 9mm ammo type with two firing mode, Auto firing and single firing. P18C is really good in close range and early landing because of the capability of auto firing.


2018-06-30 09:38:55

R45 is a mordern revolver that is using .45acp ammo types. R45 can be found only in MIRAMAR. R45 deal lots of damage in close range and more accurate.

Sawed off

2018-06-30 09:48:49

Sawed off is a shotgun pistol which provide tons of damage to the enemies. Sawed off use 12 gauge ammo types and can only be found in MIRAMAR. With the power of 2 12gauge shot close range it can help to reward sometimes.


2018-06-30 10:03:14

P92 is the most common 9mm pistol ammo type. This pistol is really good when you are in a tough situation and run out of bullet on your main rifle.


2018-06-30 10:32:50

P1911 is the most common weapon with .45acp ammo type. P1911 is a good pistol that should be equip everytime because sometime it can become a juicy reward to the player.