Guide To Improve And Become Better At PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has reached 200 million download and 30 million active users daily. This means that a countless amount of Chicken Dinner is giving out to all the winners around the world but in other to get that victory each and every player try as hard as they can which leaves the new players less chance of winning.

So here is a complete guide to increasing your chance of winning more matches in PUBG Mobile.

Be Confidence In Any Situation

Confidence is key in any battle royale game, However in PUBG MOBILE if you have less confidence the odds are most likely you gonna lose against a better player than you. Train your mindset to face any gunfight and try to win it (this assumes that you already know the gun stats in the game).

In the last 2 and you will be placed in a 1v1 battle against your enemy confidence will be everything. Having zero confidence and prone you will mostly lose, have enough confidence to fight and you will have a chance of winning.

Having enough confidence to push your enemy in the house is also important, You'll face any type of enemy in PUBG Mobile but the irritating type of enemy is shoot and camp those players will shoot you behind your back and when you turn they will hide and hide forever until you push them. Why not? Push and clear all the angles and once you get the skills you will gain confidence. Try doing that again and again.

Try not to become a camper and make every best out of the bad situation even you got pinned down try to fight back or throw smoke to get cover and move out the pinned point and do not panic because panic will ruin your game plan and messed up your technique or tactics that you wanted to execute.

Always, by always I mean ALWAYS tell yourself that you are better than all of your enemy this may seem boastful but it actually gives you confidence boost after winning a fight. Do not say it out loud.

You Win Or You Learn

Keep this in mind that you will never lose in all the matches that you've played. You either win or you learn all the new stuff of how your enemy uses to kill you. Learn from your mistakes because everybody makes a mistake it doesn't matter if you lost the gunfight learn what you can do to win the next gunfight instead.

Losing your mentality during a lost game is hard and you don't want that to happen to you because you will never gonna win 10 out of 10 games that you've played, you will lose some and you will learn all that lose and improve yourself in the next match.

Don't quit when you lost one match by landing late and getting killed, instead try to practice your parachute to land as fast as your enemy in the next game and keep it as your advantage.

Do Not Be Greedy

Being greedy meaning that doing stuff that you don't need to do inside your game. 

Eg: Having enough medical items and ammunition to win the game but keep looting dead crate when killing an enemy. 

Why? Do you think to get 1 or 2 more energy drinks when you already have 5 or 6 will boost the chance of you winning the game? NO, absolutely not. Being greedy won't lead you to anywhere. So any decision that you don't think it is important to do just don't.

Position Awareness *IMPORTANT*

Having position awareness during your gameplay is the most important step that will help you improve drastically. This step requires you to have a headphone so that you know what is going on around you. 

A headphone can help you a lot such as:

  • Hear your enemy footsteps.
  • Hear incoming vehicles.
  • Know where you getting shot from.
  • Know which particular area that you can avoid because of the shooting sound.
  • Know how far the enemy is shooting at you.
  • Know which weapon your enemy is using.

All these points can help you to increase your position awareness and once you have a good awareness of ongoing action surrounding you, you will plan out your game better and well-executed.

Using a minimap and overall map can help you to increase your awareness by knowing when to move into the circle and where. The overall map is for you to plan on picking a particular area to go into. Don't just use your luck and drive into 1 place inside the zone choose it.

When you have headphone and you know where another player is fighting base on the sound you can easily avoid it and choose a safer place than try to fight them instead of pull up and fight with them.

Author's Conclusion

These tips are based on my playing experienced that I think it could help you to improve. Because we all started somewhere and learn to get better. If you have any tips please leave it in a comment and I'll be happy to read it.