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If you looking for best gun to use in PUBG mobile update 2.6 check out our best gun in pubg mobile update 2.6 here. Guide you on which are the best gun in pubg mobile update 2.6.

Best Gun in PUBG Mobile Update 2.6

Here are 6 best guns in PUBG mobile 2.6 update, we don't include airdrop weapon in this because they are the top best weapon only get from airdrop so it's not fair to put them in.

  • UMP 45
  • M416
  • AK47
  • Beryl M762
  • M16A4
  • M24

UMP 45

Best UMP 45 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

UMP 45 is the best weapon for close range, it is the best weapon in update 2.6 it's a powerful gun it out performs other SMGs.

A lot of  people use UMP 45 because it a powerful gun easy to control best for close range and has best accuracy when use hip fire.

UMP 45 is very easy to use the recoil is very manageable and it extremely easy to handle if you a new player or not this gun work very well for you in close range gunfight.


Best M416 45 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

M416 is the best gun in PUBG Mobile, the most commonly used weapon M416 perform very good in any situation.

This gun has excellent stability and most reliable gun in PUBG Mobile, it best for any range with the right attachment.


Best AK47 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

AK47 is the best 7.62mm weapon that has higher damage than Beryl M762 and has the same damage to Groza but Groza has fast fire rate than AK47.

AK47 is the World Spawn Weapon that can deal high damage to enemies especially when hitting headshot it can deal high damage but also has high recoil then M416.

Beryl M762

Best Beryl M762 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

In PUBG Mobile Beryl M762 is one of the best weapon that use 7.62mm round, Beryl can deal high damage in close and mid range.

But most people will choose AK47 because it can deal higher damage than Beryl but both gun is the best gun that you should use in Update 2.6.


Best M16A4 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

M16A4 is the best mid range, in last patch if you use M16A4 you need to click fire button fast to get kill but in Update 2.6 M16A4 has huge upgrade now this gun have full auto mod that you can attach.

You need a Full auto mod attachment to make M16A4 full auto now M16A4 deal the same damage as M416 but the M416 has faster fire rate, the M16A4 has the easiest recoil control than the M416.

After the update the M16A4 is best for your secondary weapon slot, M16A4 is best for mid and long range for close range it not the strongest weapon you should use.


Best M24 in Pubg Mobile Update 2.6 - zilliongamer

This is the best sniper rift that is world spawn and it's also very rare to weapon to find.

If you hit enemy on the body will deal 76, 65, 45 HP to armor level 1, 2, and 3 but if you hit enemy on the head will deal 147, 126, 94 when enemy wear helmet level 1, 2, and 3.

M24 deal lot of damage depending on where you hit and the type of armor or helmet that you enemies wearing, even it can't one shot helmet level 3 but it still better than any world spawn sniper rifle in almost every aspect.