Squad game mode


SQUAD Game Mode

Squad Game mode is the most popular mode in PUBG MOBILE because a lot of people play this game with their friend or with random together in other to get number 1 for the team. Squad require a lot of communication and concentration during teamfight. Position is the most important thing in this game mode, because in squad if you have no position in squad match you gonna die easily either outside the safe zone or getting shot.

The Joy of Playing SQUD game mode


  • Communication is key to win the game and fun at the same time, you can talk about everything you want while looting.
  • Calling out enemy position is effective, so your friend will listen to you when you call them to see where the enemy is.


  • Securing position is like securing a win for your team already, Position is really important in this game mode because when you secure a safe position like small high house or high ground or a good ridge. 
  • When you have a good position you can shoot and back hide then shoot back without scaring who will sneak up on your back.

3.Dropping for the safe zone or where no one else drop

  • This is similar to drop into the different direction of the plane flying but more like dropping for a car and then pick one location then drive your car there.


  • Rotating in squad game mode is the most difficult thing to do, because when a safe zone is far from where you at, you need to rotate fast and while you i the car, you are easily targeted from other 4 man shooting at you. So in other to get better at rotation all you have to do is if the safe zone is far from where you at, just altogether stop looting and get a better position in the safe zone.


  • Car is really important in Squad Game mode, car can be found on the side of the road or next to some house.
  • Car can be a good cover and also a fast trasport and much safer then a buggy or a motorcycle.

6.Two Two Split

  • Two Two split is a good tactic to push a squad who are in the house that have less window.
  • Revive advantage. When one down you can revive them and while the squad focus on you, other 2 can sneak into their back and kill them easily.

7.Watch Your Flank

  • Your back is really important in a squad game, alway keep an eyes on your back, for 1 seconds another squad could have just pop up out of no where.


  • There are alot of cover in the map such as tree, rock, car, house, haybell, ridge and more.
  • Getting a nice cover when you get shot is really good so you can recover back your health and reset the fight.

What and What not to do in Squad game mode.

What to do in SQUAD game mode.

  • Sharing is caring. Asking your teammate if they have enough medical supply, bullets, good tier equipment won't be annoy.
  • Mark on map. The one blip that you mark on the map can help your team a lot such as your teammate know where to go, they can find some equipment that you left there and other stuff.
  • Spare stuff. This is when you have free space on your backpack so you can help your friend carry more stuff.
  • Carry a lot of smoke. Smoke have you a lot, you can threw it when your teammate get knockdown or when you try to find a good position.

What not to do in SQUAD game mode

  • Do not Blame your teammate because of your fault. This is a really bad habbit that i often do, you get furious when you get shot or knockdown but alway try to stay calm chill and positive instead of blaming your teamate, instead you can tell them where the enemy position are.
  • Don't get stuck in a position where your teammate are not in. Even you have knockdown function in this game mode, but when you get knock and your friend are not there to help you, enemeis will finish you easily.