Solo game mode


Solo Game mode

Solo mean alone, so the player is the lone survivor among other 99 players and fight their way to get a victory in the game. Playing solo is boring and enjoying at the same time. Solo mode help to improve a lot because player don't need to think about teammate or enemies teammate.

The joy of playing solo game mode.

1.Freedom of shooting

  • You can shoot who ever you see without getting tell to cease fire from your friend.

2.No knockout

  • This is really good for new player, so basically solo game mode dosen't have knock out mode because there are no friend around you waiting to revive you. Once you kill your enemies, they are dead.

3.Hot Zone drop

  • Hot zone mean a zone where a lot of player drop and fight each other so they can get alot of kill.
  • Hot zone is really enjoyable for solo mode and also help player improve a lot. 
  • Dropping hot zone require a good device and internet so you won't experience an early lag.
  • Hot zone area are School,Rozhok,Mylta Power,Georgepool,Pochinki,Prison and Sosnovka Military Base.


  • You can camp as long as you can without getting bored by your friend. Camp a house at the middle of the safe zone is also a good tactic to win the game because you have a good position that you can shoot anybody you want.


  • Position in solo mode dosen't really matter because you are alone so you either getting shot from the back or from random place, but it's alway better not to expose your position if you don't need to.

What and What not to do in SOLO game mode.

What to do in SOLO game mode.

  • Have headset or headphone, it's really good to hear enemy footstep during looting phase or fighting phase and also knowing where you get shot from.
  • Notice the safe zone as soon as it reach. This help you to decide where to go next depend on what you want either playing edge of the zone or middle of the safe zone.
  • Loot fast. A good loot in this game is when you have LvL2 Helmet, LvL2 vest, LvL2 backpack, and a good range scope like 4x scope for your Assault Rifle.

What not to do in SOLO game mode.

  • Don't be greedy. It's mean that if you have enought loots to survive untill the last safe zone, you don't need to loot dead body becuase it may cost you your own life when looting
  • Do not shoot if you don't have to, this is alway a good thing not to do because you don't want random enemies to know  your position.
  • Don't take to many First Aid and Painkiller because it take up to backpack space a lot.