Duo game mode


DUO Game Mode

Duo game mode is a very good mode for player and their friend, basically it is a team of 2 player playing together in other to get number 1 for the team. Duo require call out which mean a communication application in other to play well together. Duo also require more patience then solo because when you expose position by shooting at other, 4-6 other enemies will have a chance of shooting all to your team.

The Joy of Playing DUO game mode


  • Communication is key to win the game and fun at the same time, you can talk about everything you want while looting.
  • Calling out enemy position is effective, so your friend will listen to you when you call them to see where the enemy is.


  • Knockout is exist in this game mode. 
  • Knockout mean you will be down and not instantly die after getting killed, your friend can revive you and you can come back up after the revive time cooldown end.
  • Alway take advange to kill knockout player so you have more advange on their partner.
  • Avoid getting knock out a lot, when you get knock out alot, your healthbar will dropping fast and your friend won't sometime be able to help you.

3.Different plane direction drop and Hot Zone drop.

  • Dropping in Hot zone is really not that worth it but if you want alot of kills you can still do that with your friend.
  • Different plane direction mean that you go to suburb area that no other people drop beside your friend and start looting up and then go and find enemies zone by zone.


  • Car is really important in Duo Game mode, car can be found on the side of the road or next to some house.
  • Car can be a good cover and also a fast trasport and much safer then a buggy or a motorcycle.

5.Position Matter

  • Securing position is like securing a win for your team already, Position is really important in this game mode because when you secure a safe position like small high house or high ground or a good ridge. 
  • When you have a good position you can shoot and back hide then shoot back without scaring who will sneak up on your back.

6.Notice the grass

  • Some circle end in a big field of grass so most player will lay up prown inside it, don't be scare, just stand up and looking for a proner in the grass and shoot them with your teammate.

What and What not to do in duo game mode.

What to do in DUO game mode.

  • Sharing is caring. Asking your friend if they have enough medical supply, bullets, good tier equipment won't be annoy.
  • Mark on map. The one blip that you mark on the map can help your team a lot such as your teammate know where to go, they can find some equipment that you left there and other stuff.
  • Spare stuff. This is when you have free space on your backpack so you can help your friend carry more stuff.
  • Carry a lot of smoke. Smoke have you a lot, you can threw it when your teammate get knockdown or when you try to find a good position.

What not to do in DUO game mode

  • Do not Blame your teammate because of your fault. This is a really bad habbit that i often do, you get furious when you get shot or knockdown but alway try to stay calm chill and positive instead of blaming your teamate,you can tell them where the enemy position are.
  • Don't get stuck in a position where your teammate are not it. Even you have knockdown function in this game mode, but when you get knock and your friend are not there to help you, enemeis will finish you easily.
  • Do not split. Split will never be a good idea in Duo mode, especially when your team decide to push another team. You could easily get shot from another team then you gonna be put into a position where 2 teams shooting you.