Auto sniper rifle

Mk 14

2018-06-28 09:15:53

MK 14 is the best auto sniper rifle in PUBG MOBILE. It can only obtain from Air Drop. Mk 14 use 7.62mm ammo type which provide a huge damage and the bullet travel is also fast which make the bullet even sharper. Using Mk14 in medium range is the best this rifle can serve.

Mini 14

2018-06-28 09:39:53

Mini 14 is an auto sniper rifle that use 5.56mm ammo type as a bullet. Mini 14 has a capability of lasering medium range and long range. It's a single fire tap weapon you can't go full auto on it.


2018-06-28 10:00:34

SKS is the common auto sniper rifle that use 7.62mm ammo type. This auto sniper has a capability of single fire in medium range and long range combat. SKS need lots of attachments to make the gun more stable and reduce the recoil and weapon sway while scoping.


2018-06-29 08:31:53

Vss is an auto sniper rifle that use 9mm ammo type as a bullet. It has a capability of auto firing and single firing. Vss is built in suppressor and scope which mean you don't need to attach scope and suppressor to it. Because of Vss using 9mm ammo type the bullet drop make it hard to hit enemy.


2018-09-18 14:21:56

Slr is a semi automatic marksman rifle that fires 7.62mm rounds. Very Powerful recoil but deal a significant amount of damage. Requires some skills when firing continously. One of the best semi auto matich marksman rifle in the game currently. With full attachments the rifle will become easier.