Assault rifle


2018-06-26 11:11:41

AUG can only be obtained from Air Drop. AUG is a very powerful assault rifle using 5.56mm ammo type. AUG has both single and full auto mode. Have slightly low recoil and great performance in short mid and far range. Attachments like Grip,Compensator will help to reduce more recoil.


2018-06-26 11:55:10

M416 using 5.56mm ammo type. M416 is a world spawn weapons where player can find it anywhere. M416 has both single fire and full auto fire mode. M416 has a capability of short range combat,medium range combat and long range combat. M416 need 5 attachments to become a fully equip rifle.


2018-06-27 09:07:21

Scar-l is an assault rifle that has low recoil and fast fire rate, Scar-l is good for close and medium range and also acceptable for long range. Scar-l using 5.56mm ammo type. In Close range Scar-l is a very good weapon to use. Scar-l has single fire and full auto mode.


2018-06-27 09:32:14

M16A4 is an assault rifle that use 5.56mm ammo type. It has burst fire mode and single fire mode. M16A4 is a very good gun to use in medium range and long range. Short range is pretty hard to use because of the burst fire mode can only fire 3 bullets per time and it need time to recovery.


2018-06-27 09:52:28

Groza is an assault rifle that is using 7.62mm ammo type as a bullet. Groza can only be obtained from Air Drop. This gun has an insanely huge damage, less recoil,fast fire rate and has single fire tap and full auto fire mode. In Close range Groza will melt any type of vest or helmet.

Ak 47

2018-06-27 10:16:23

Ak 47 the most commonly 7.62mm ammo type weapon in the PUBG MOBILE. It provide more damage than any other assault rifle but also have the hardesst recoil in PUBG MOBILE as well. Attachment that need for Ak 47 the most is Compensator it will help to reduce the recoil and make the rifle recoil reduce.


2018-09-18 13:47:16

QBZ fire 5.56mm ammo rounds with a single-shot mode and full-auto mode. Stable with low recoil but slow when reloading and firing speed is not as fast as other 556mm rifles. Taking Scar-L slots in Sanhok. You will find QBZ instead of Scar-L.