Wild Rift Volibear Build (Patch 4.3), Items & Runes, & Abilities

Choosing the correct build is really important in the game. This article will show you the best wild rift Volibear build. Which items & runes are the best for Volibear. Check out.

Volibear is a new Fighter champion that just make his appearance in Wild Rift. He can play in Solo Lane or Jungler in the game. He has good damage output with a high ability to survive with defensive and movement. Lack of crowd control ability and easy to play.  

Volibear Build Wild Rift

Wild Rift Volibear Build - zilliongamer

Volibear focuses on building 1 or 2 damaged items & tank items that make him can deal damage and also tanky in the team fight. 

  • Divine Sunderer: +400 Max Health, +25 Attack Damage, +25 Ability Haste
  • Black Cleaver: +350 Max Health, +40 Attack Damage, +20 Ability Haste
  • Guardian Angel: +40 Attack Damage, +40 Armor & give back second life.
  • Dead Man's Plate: +250 Max health, +50 Armor, + Move Speed
  • Amaranth's Twinguard: +55 Armor, +55 Magic Resistance

For the Enchantment item buy a Steel-Plated Stoneplate that gives more Armor & Shield, 45 Movement speed when it is active.

Volibear Runes

Wild Rift Volibear Rune - zilliongamer

  • Conqueror: Gain stacks of Adaptive force when hitting a champion with separate attacks or abilities. Stacks up to 6 times. When fully stacked, gain bonus Omnivamp.
    • Per Stack: 2-6 bonus AD or 3-9 AP for 6s
    • Fully stacked bonus: Melee: 8% | Ranged 5% bonus omnivamp.
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns restore 10% of missing health. Deals 5% more damage to champions below 35% health.
  • Ultimate Shield: Gain a shield after casting your ultimate or 3 seconds. The shield amount is 75 + level15. (45s Cooldown).
  • Pathfinder: Gain 30 bonus movement speed in the river. When in the river while out of combat, restore 1.5% missing health or 1.5% missing mana (based on lowest value) every 1 seconds and gain an additional 20 bonus movement speed. 

Volibear Spells

 Ignite | Wild Rift - zilliongamer + Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamer

  • Ignite: Ignite the target enemy champion, causing 72 true damage (72-380) within 5 second(s), apply Grievous Wounds to the target, and obtain its Vision. Grievous Wounds will reduce Heal effect by 60%.
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.

Volibear Skill Order

Wild Rift Volibear Skill Order - zilliongamer

  • The Relentless Storm (Passive): Volibear gain 5% Attack speed for 6 seconds whenever he deals damage with an ability or attack, stacking up to 5 times.
    • At 5 stacks, Volibear's Claws ignite with lightning, causing his attacks to deal an additional 11(1-1+40%) magic damage to the target and 4 closet enemies. 
  • Thundering Smash (1st Skill): Volibear gains 10% Move speed, increases to 20% towards enemy champions for the next 4 seconds. While active, Volibear's next attack deals 15 (15 + 100% bonus physical damage) and stuns the target for 1 second.
    • If Volibear becomes Immobilized before he Stuns a target, Thundering Smash's duration is paused.
  • Frenzied Maul (2nd Skill): Volibear mauls an enemy, dealing 67 (5+ 100% physical damage + 5% bonus heal) physical damage. If Volibear maul's a champion or Large Monsters he goes into a Frenzy for 8 seconds.
    • If this ability is used when in a Frenzy, its damage is increased to 108 (8 + 160% physical damage + 8% bonus heal) physical damage and Volibear restores 10 plus 10% (7%) missing health.
  • Sky Splitter (3rd Skill): Volibear summons a thundercloud that fires a lightning bolt, dealing 80 (80 +50%) plus 11% max health magic damage and Slowing by 40% for 2 seconds.
    • If Volibear is inside the blast zone, he gains a 91 (75%) plus 14% max health shield for 3 seconds.
    • Damage against non-champions is capped at 150.
  • Stormbringer (Ultimate): Volibear transforms and leaps, gaining 175 health and 50 attack range for the next 12 seconds.
    • Upon landing, Volibear cracks the earth, Disabling nearby tower for 3 seconds and dealing 300 (300 + 100% + 200% bonus) physical damage to them. Nearby enemies are slowed by 50%, decaying over 1 second. Enemies directly underneath Volibear suffering 300 (300 + 100% + 200% bonus) physical damage.

Volibear Skill Combos

Wild Rift Volibear Skill Combo - zilliongamer

Volibear Pros and Cons

1. Good Early game to pressure the enemy in the lane.
2. Easy to dive in and setup for teamfight.
3. Can be a 2v1 Potential fight in early game.
4. Good at split-pushing tower.
5. Deal a good amount of damage.
1. Hard to make a play in late game.
2. Hard to escape if flash & ultimate is on cooldown.
3. Easy to lose fight if you make wrong move.
4. Hard to reach Ranged Champions in late game.


In short, Voilbear is a fun and easy champion to play & understand his skill but he is not the late game changer. Hope this guide can be useful for you guys to have a better understanding of this champion.