Wild Rift New Champion & Item Removed in Patch 4.3

In this article will show the full information about Wild Rift New Champion & Item Removed in Patch 4.3. Check out here for more detail.

Confirmed New Champion Patch 4.3

New Champion Nilah Patch 4.3 | Wild Rift

Wild Rift is now in Patch 4.3 and now they introduce the New Champion Nilah, The Joy Unbound. Nilah is a New Fighter Champion, The ascetic warrior from a distant land, seeking the world's deadliest, most titanic opponents so that she might challenge and destroy them. 

Note: Nilah will be released & available to play on July 21 at 00:01 UTC.

Items Removed in Patch 4.3

Item Removed Patch 4.3 | Wild Rift

In this Patch 4.3 Wild Rift Riot Games has updated a lot of things to balance in this Patch. Moreover, they decide to Remove 2 items from League of Legends Wild Rift. From now on You won't be able to buy or find Harrowing Crescent Item & Boot of Furor anymore inside the game.