Wild Rift Next Champions Patch 4.4

We got some news about the next update 4.4 that will released on October 26. Find out all the information about 3 new Champions Wild Rift Patch 4.4 here.

Next Champions Wild Rift Patch 4.4

Wild Rift Patch 4.4, we will get 3 new champions in 3 different positions jungle lane, marksman, and support lane. Here are the next 3 champions that coming to wild rift 4.4 update.

In this Patch 4.4, we gonna get 3 more champions Fiddlesticks, Sivir, and Zyra.

  • Fiddlesticks (Jungle Lane)
  • Sivir (Marksman)
  • Zyra (Support)

Fiddlesticks Wild Rift

Fiddlesticks Wild Rift Patch 4.4 - zilliongamer

The new jungle champion Fiddlesticks, just released in Wild Rift patch 4.4, Fiddlestick is a mage champion who can deal a ton of damage with his combos and has fast clearing speed. 

You can surprise attack enemies and when go for full AP you can easily one-shot enemies squishy champions but, he is a really squishy champion with low mobility and weak in early game.

Fiddlesticks's ultimate can decide teamfights if he's able to land a perfect ultimate, check out Fiddlesticks Jungle Build in Patch 4.4 here.

Sivir Wild Rift

Sivir Wild Rift Patch 4.4 - zilliongamer

Sivir a new marksman champion scales very well and can dominate any teamfights with high mobility, and high damage (early and late game), and can carry the game if she's able to get a good lead against her enemy.

Zyra Wild Rift

Zyra Wild Rift Patch 4.4 - zilliongamer

Zyra is the most requested support champion in League of Legends Wild Rift, she is a mage champion easy to master, still useful even when she falls behind, and she has multiple crowd control.

She can deal good magic damage as a support her ability plants can block skill shot, most likely if she lands her CC, she will have a higher chance of winning any fights.

Zyra is a great support very easy to play, if you are looking for an easy support champion that can deal damage Zyra is the one you should choose.


Wild Rift Patch 4.4 just released on October 26, it's came with 3 new champions and those 3 champions are Fiddlesticks (released), Sivir (maybe patch 4.4a), and Zyra (patch 4.4c).