Samira Best Build Wild Rift

Samira is a Marksman champion that usually plays in Duo Lane. Samira has a high ability to deal damage with both basics attack and skills, also has good ability to survive with defensive & movement abilities but got no abilities to buff the teammates. 

Check out Samira Wild Rift Build down below:

Wild Rift Samira Build - zilliongamer

Best Wild Rift Samira Build

Starting Item
Long Sword | Wild Rift - zilliongamerLong SwordGain 12 attack damage
Core Items
Bloodthirster | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBloodthirsterGain 50 attack damage, 25% critical rate, and 15% physical vamp
Infinity Edge | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity EdgeGain 55 attack damage, 25% critical rate
Solari Chargeblade | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSolari ChargebladeGain 25% critical rate, 30% attack speed, and 15 ability haste
Boots & Enchantment
Plated Steelcaps | Wild Rift - zilliongamerPlated SteelcapsGain 40 movement, +15 armor, block 15% of damage from attacks.
Quicksilver Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerQuicksilver EnchantRemove all control effects currently affecting you and gain 50% movement speed bonus for 1.5 seconds. Does not remove knock ups or knock backs
Final Build
Bloodthirster | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBloodthirsterQuicksilver Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerGluttonous QuicksilverInfinity Edge | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity Edge
Solari Chargeblade | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSolari ChargebladeMortal Reminder | Wild Rift - zilliongamerMortal ReminderGuardian Angel | Wild Rift - zilliongamerGuardian Angel
  • Mortal Reminder: Gain 40 attack damage, and 16-30% armor penetration.
  • Guardian Angel: Gain 45 attack damage, and 40 armor. Resurrect: Upon taking lethal damage, restores 50% base health and 30% maximum mana after 3 seconds of stasis (210s Cooldown).

Best Samira Runes

Conqueror | Wild Rift - zilliongamerWild Rift Rune: Hunter Vampirism - zilliongamerNullifying Orb | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHunter Genius | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Conqueror: Gain stacks of Adaptive force when hitting a champion with separate attacks or abilities. Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, deal bonus adaptive damage to champions.
  • Hunter Vampirism: Gain 2% physical vamp or 2% magic vamp. Unique champion takedowns grant 2AD with 1% physical vamp or 4 AP with 1% magic vamp. (Adaptive).
  • Nullifying Orb: If you would take damage from a champion that causes you to fall below 35% of your maximum health, gain a shield for 4 seconds. Shield: 60 + 50% bonus + 30%. Cooldown: 60s
  • Hunter Genius: Gain 3 ability haste. Unique champion takedowns grant 3 ability haste.

Samira Spells

Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHeal | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.
  • Heal: Restores 80 health (80-360) and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second to you and the most wounded nearby ally champion. Healing is halved for champions recently affected by heal.

Samira Abilities

Daredevil Impulse | Samira Skill - zilliongamer(P)Flair | Samira Skill - zilliongamer1stBlade Whirl | Samira Skill - zilliongamer2ndWild Rush | Samira Skill - zilliongamer3rdInferno Trigger | Samira Skill - zilliongamerULT
  • Daredevil Impulse (Passive): Samira build a combo by dealing damage with attacks or abilities against enemy champion unique from the previous one. Each one increases her style from "E" to "S" grade (6 total). Samira gained 3.5% movement speed per grade. 
    • Samira's attacks and abilities in melee range deal an additional 5 magic damage (2 + 3.5%) increased to 9 magic damage(4 + 7%) based on the target's missing health.
    • Samirá attacks against enemies affected by immobilizing effects will dash her to her attack range. If the enemy is Knocked up, she also keeps from Knocked up for at least 0.5 seconds.
  • Flair (1st): Samira fires a shot, dealing 53 physical damage (5 + 75%) to the first enemy hit. If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira will instead slash with her blade in a come instead, dealing the same damage to all enemies within.
  • Blade Whirl (2nd): Samira slashes around here for 0.75 seconds, damaging enemies twice for 20 physical damage (20 + 80% bonus) each and destroying any enemy missiles that enter the area.
  • Wild Rush (3rd): Samira dashes through an enemy (including structures) slashing enemies she passes through dealing 45 magic damage (45 + 20% bonus) and gaining 25% attack speed for 3 seconds.
    • If Samira scores a takedown, Wild Rush's cooldown is reset.
    • Tapping this mid-dash will cast Flair.
  • Inferno Trigger (Ultimate): Samira can only use this ability if her current Style rating is S.
    • Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from weapons, reducing her Movement speed by 30% while wildly shooting up to 5 enemies around her 10 times over 2.23 seconds, each shot dealing 37 physical damage (5 + 50%). Each shot can critically strike.

Samira Skill Order

NameLevel Up
Flair | Samira Skill - zilliongamerFlair1467
Blade Whirl | Samira Skill - zilliongamerBlade Whirl3121415
Wild Rush | Samira Skill - zilliongamerWild Rush281011
Inferno Trigger | Samira Skill - zilliongamerInferno Trigger5913 
1. A fun rewarding champion to play.
2. One of the strongest ADCs in the game to solo carry.
3. Can single-handedly win a teamfight if played well.
4. Ult has no CD & Wild Rush resets on kills.
5. She can easily snowball a kill into a lead into a win.
1. Falls off the late game in comparison to other ADCs .
2. Hard to come back into the game with if lost lane.
3. Can be easily out ranged by Most ADCs.
4. Hard to master.
5. Weak against hard CC heavy team comps.


Hope you guys found this guide useful in helping you guys play this Champion. However, this champion needs more a lot of time to practice if you want to master this champion.