Dharma Build and Guide

Dharma in Honor of Kings is a unique Fighter/Tank hybrid, excelling in both crowd control and sustained damage output. This build emphasizes his ability to initiate fights, control enemies, and stay in the fray with a blend of damage and survivability.

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Dharma Best Arcana

Honor of Kings Red Arcana: MutationMutation x10Honor of Kings Blue Arcana: HarmonyHarmony x10Honor of Kings Green Arcana: Eagle EyeEagle Eye x10

Dharma's Abilities: A Breakdown

  • True Word: Heart Sutra (Passive): Each skill cast gives Dharma defensive stacks and an enhanced basic attack with damage and a slow effect. Stacks multiple times for increasing protection.

  • True Word: Formlessness (Skill 1): Dharma dashes forward, knocking up enemies. Hitting a wall allows a follow-up kick for extra damage. Can store two charges.

  • True Word: Vajra (Skill 2): Dharma punches wildly, dealing damage based on the enemy's health and healing himself. Use this after pinning an enemy for maximum effect.

  • True Word: Salvation (Ultimate): Dharma blasts enemies away, dealing damage. Enemies knocked into walls are stunned and take additional damage.

Dharma Combo Breakdown

  1. Initiate: Use "True Word: Formlessness" (Skill 1) to dash and knock up the enemy.
  2. Pin and Pummel: If the enemy hits a wall, follow up with the wall-kick portion of (Skill 1). Immediately use "True Word: Vajra" (Skill 2) to maximize damage and healing.
  3. Finish the Fight: Use basic attacks enhanced by your passive, and unleash your ultimate, "True Word: Salvation" to knock them back and ideally stun them against a wall.

How to play Dharma in Honor of Kings

  • Early Game: Farm minions quickly and use your skills to harass the enemy if they get overconfident. Look for ambush opportunities with teammates.
  • Mid-Game: Start joining team fights. Your primary goal is to disrupt the enemy backline and protect your team's carries (damage dealers).
  • Late Game: You're a significant threat. Initiate fights and peel for your team, absorbing damage and keeping enemies away from your squishier allies.

General Dharma Tips

  • Control is Key: Focus on landing your abilities to knock enemies around the battlefield and maximize your damage output.
  • Skill Timing: Use your enhanced basic attacks between skills to weave in extra damage and slows.
  • Watch the Walls: Try to angle your abilities to stun enemies against walls. This unlocks powerful follow-ups and can turn a fight in your favor.
  • Heal Up: Remember basic attacks and "True Word: Vajra" heal you, so stay aggressive in prolonged fights.

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