Biron Build and Guide

Biron in Honor of Kings is a powerhouse on the battlefield, known for his incredible durability and ability to control his enemies. This build focuses on turning Biron into a nigh-unstoppable frontline tank who can easily disrupt enemy formations and keep his teammates safe.

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Biron Best Arcana

Honor of Kings Red Arcana: MutationMutation x10Honor of Kings Green Arcana: Eagle EyeEagle Eye x10Honor of Kings Blue Arcana: HuntHunt 2xHonor of Kings Blue Arcana: StealthStealth 8x

Biron Ability Summary

Here's a summary of Biron passive and all abilities in Honor of Kings:

Fearless Chariot (Passive):

  • Biron's attacks and some abilities build energy.
  • When he's fully charged, his attacks do more damage, heal him, and his abilities get powerful upgrades.

Electrify Charge (Skill 1):

  • Biron swings his weapon twice, dealing damage to enemies and healing himself.
  • With full energy, the damage and healing are increased significantly.

Storm Strike (Skill 2):

  • Biron dashes, damaging anyone in his path.
  • His next attack is stronger and slows enemies.
  • Fully charged, it also knocks enemies up and stuns them.

Force Field Suppression (Ultimate):

  • Biron slams his weapon down, damaging enemies, slowing them, and creating a shield.
  • With full energy, this deals more damage, creates a bigger shield, and steals speed from nearby enemies to make Biron faster.

Biron Combo Breakdown

  1. Charge Up: Use basic attacks on minions or enemies to build energy.
  2. Dash In: Use "Storm Strike" (Skill 2) to close the distance with the enemy.
  3. Smash and Slow: Hit them with your enhanced basic attack to slow or even stun them.
  4. Shield and Damage: Cast "Force Field Suppression" (Ultimate) for a burst of damage, a protective shield, and a speed boost.
  5. Keep Swinging: Use "Electrify Charge" (Skill 1) and basic attacks to finish them off.

How to play Biron in Honor of Kings

This is how to play Biron in each stage:

  • Early Game:

    • Focus on clearing minion waves quickly.
    • Build up energy with basic attacks.
    • Harass the enemy if they get too close.
    • Coordinate with teammates for ganks.
  • Mid-Game:

    • Join team fights and disrupt the enemy formation.
    • Soak up damage for your team.
    • Protect your team's damage dealers.
  • Late Game:

    • You're a nigh-unstoppable force.
    • Spearhead attacks for your team.
    • Use your ultimate to disrupt multiple enemies and become incredibly fast.

General Biron Tips

  • Energy is Key: Keep your energy high to get the most out of your abilities.
  • Lead the Charge: Don't be afraid to start fights, Biron is built for it.
  • Protect Your Allies: Keep enemy assassins and fighters away from your team's squishier members.
  • Target Wisely: Focus your ultimate on groups of enemies to get the most out of its speed-stealing effect.

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