Best Characters In Honkai Star Rail 1.2 (July 2023)

Here are Honkai Star Rail characters that are the best in the 1.2 patch including the detail and reason why they are the best in this patch. We rank these characters on how they perform better in their role. We divide it into many roles so you can decide the best one for your team.

Best Characters in 1.2 Overall Best

Best Characters in Honkai Star Rail 1.2

Best DPS Characters in 1.2

  • Seele
    • Seele is one of the high DMG outputs in the game. She is really good at dealing tons of DMG on a single target enemy. Her Talent provides her with more base speed in order to get an additional turn when she kills an enemy.
  • Jing Yuan
    • It goes with saying that, Jing Yuan is one of the best damage dealers in the game with his powerful passive talent that can summon Lightning Lord follow-up ATK that deals high AoE DMG. He also has a strong single ATK as well.
  • Blade
    • Consume his own HP to Enhance Basic ATK
    • Deal massive Wind DMG to a single enemy and adjacent target but his HP will low down to 50%.

Best Support Characters in 1.2

  • Bronya
    • One of the best supporters that maximize DPS DMG output such as ATK and Crit DMG buff to allies. Her skill can allow a teammate to get an additional turn which is really important in a turn base game.
  • Tingyun
    • One and only 4 stars are a character that can outstand every 4 stars character in terms of supporting a teammate. She is capable apply a buff that deals additional lightning DMG with each ATK.
  • Silver Wolf
    • High chance to apply an additional type of weakness to a single enemy which helps Seele deal better with Quantum DMG.
    • Create a bug that random reduces ATK, DEF, or SPD to target enemies
    • Has a chance to lower a single enemy DEF.

Best Healer Character in 1.2

  • Bailu
    • Bailu is the best character that has amazing healing output in the game. Not only healing, she is also capable of reviving a teammate that is downed (once in combat) which makes her the best healer that can carry your whole team survive.
  • Luocha
    • Provide health for allies
    • Remove buff from enemies
    • Deploy a healing field for allies to restore HP after they ATK.

Best Tank Character in 1.2

  • Gepard
    • In terms of providing Shield and Tank, Gepard is the best option you can have. He can also freeze enemies and provide allies with a huge shield. He is also versatile and can be used in any team comp.

In Conclusion

This best characters guide will guide you to know which characters to use to be able to set up your build or help you to decide to put on the team. 

End of Best Characters In Honkai Star Rail 1.2