Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis is an ascension materials in Local specialty of Genshin Impact which is use for characters and crafting recipe.

Cor Lapis Characters

Description: A precious of condensed pure Geo element that usually grows along with other materails. It's also commonly called "Cor Petrae."

What characters use Cor Lapis?

There are three characters that use Cor Lapis as one of their ascension materials such as Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli.

If you try to level up one of these characters, you need to farm the Cor Lapis which is reset every 2 days. 

Beside that Cor lapis is also used for crafting several items such as: Geo Treasure Compass, Dustproof Potion, Unmoving Essential Oil, Special Unmoving Essential Oil, Geoculus Resonance Stone, and Yellow Dye.

Where to find Cor Lapis?

Cor Lapis can be found under cliffs in Liyue or on top of Mt, Hulao. These are the locations that Cor Lapis always spawn on.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis location updated

Beside finding it on the map, you can obtained Cor Lapis on both Qiuwei Shop and Changshun Shop with the price of 1500 mora and limited to 5 each day.

In conclusion, If you like to level up either Chongyun, Zhongli, or Keqing Cor lapis is one of the essential material that you must have ready in your inventory.