Genshin Impact Pulcinella(The Rooster) Leak: Detail & Release Date

Here is some sneak peek information about Genshin Impact Pulcinella which is one of the 5th Harbinger and A Mayor in Snezhnaya including some detail and release date.

Pulcinella Leaks

Genshin Impact Harbinger Fatui: Pulcinella - zilliongamer

One year ago, Genshin Impact dropped a teaser "A Winter Night's Lazzo" that includes some sneak peek of the Fatui Harbingers characters gathering, and as we already know that some of Fatui Harbingers are likely to be a playable characters in 4.0. According to some leaks, Arlecchino and Pulcinella are likely to become playable characters in 4.0.

  • Pulcinella Voice Actor
    • Chou is the Japanese voice actor
    • J. Michel Tatum is an English voice actor.

Who is Pulcinella?

Genshin Impact Harbinger Fatui: Pulcinella - zilliongamer

Pulcinella"The Rooster" is a 5th Harbinger and the Mayor of a city in Snezhnaya. He also got mentioned in Tartaglia and Wanderer's voice-over in the game. Pulcinella is an old man with a blue hat, white hair, and a mustache wearing round glasses and surrounded by ice so he might have cryo vision. However, there is no info about his weapon and his vision yet. 

Here is a sneak peek of him in the teaser.

Genshin Impact Harbinger Fatui: Pulcinella - zilliongamer

Pulcinella Release Date

There is no confirmation about the release date yet, however, you might able to see him in the Archon storyline quest. We will update more when he arrives in the game. 

In conclusion

After releasing the teaser, Pulcinella is one of the Fatui Harbingers characters that we hope to be a playable character so he will become the first oldest character in the game. Anyway, this is just an expectation because Hoyoverse is yet to confirm that he is a playable character in the future.

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