Genshin Impact Top 10 Best F2P Characters

Many characters in Genshin Impact can be obtained by spending Primogem or for free. If you don't want to spend money and try to find which free-to-play character that worth your investment to put in the team, you come to the right place.

Even though they are free characters they can be really good if you use them with a good combination or build which makes them better at dealing DMG or supporting the team.

Here are the top 10 F2P characters that you should have in your party.

Top 10 Best F2P Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Top 10 Best F2P Characters

  1. Bennett
    • One of the most fan-favorite characters, Bennett can boost the entire team's ATK with his burst as well as provide the whole team healing which is very useful in combat. He is a versatile character who can be used in any team.
  2. Xiangling
    • Based on her kit, Xiangling is one of the best F2P DPS/Support characters who can output massive Pyro DMG from her burst "Pyronaldo" which applies Pyro DMG surrounding enemies to create the elemental reaction. Try to get C4, will be a game-changer since it extends her Pyronaldo duration.
  3. Xingqiu
    • Xingqiu can apply Hydro on enemies which works great on-field characters to create elemental reactions since his skill works even when he is off the field and you get a bit of healing after getting hit when his skill is activated.
  4. Fischl
    • Fischl can apply Electro elements continuously with her Oz even off the field which is very beneficial for elemental reaction build. Her C4 is great for Oz to gain extra DMG.
  5. Sucrose
    • Sucrose is an incredible support. Similar to Kazuha, she is also capable of grouping enemies and lowering their RES which has a huge impact when you try to apply elemental reaction.
  6. Kuki Shinobi
    • Since the release of the Dendro element, Kuki become one of the best Elector supporters in the Hyperbloom team. She can heal the team and deal with huge electro dmg to bloom which creates Hyperbloom.
  7. Yaoyao
    • Yaoyao is a great Dendro support with healing abilities and her uptime skill in amazing fast which can use her abilities all the time.
  8. Thoma
    • Burgeon's team makes Thoma shine since his skills are off the field and generate a shield which work well with Burgeon's team.
  9. Rosaria
    • Rosaria is an amazing Cryo DPS who can output a lot of DMG in the Vaporize reaction with her burst which has a long duration which great for element application. She also can be used as Cryo battery to gain energy faster.
  10. Yanfei
    • Similar to Thoma, Yanfei shines in the Burgeon team. She can buff her own ATK, create a stackable shield, and deal additional DMG when the shield is active and her C4 will boost her Pyro DMG making her deal better Charge ATK.


Even though these characters aren't 5-star characters you still can output massive DMG or use them to support your team without spending money on them. All you can do is use your free Primogem to obtain those characters or do the quest. Keep that in mind, to maximize their potential you have to use the correct build or team comp.

End of Top 10 Best F2P Characters.