Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List 2024

Protect and empower your team in Pokemon Unite 2024! This Supporter Tier List reveals the Pokemon who keep their allies alive, disrupt enemy plans, and create opportunities for victory.

Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List - zilliongamer

Tier SS

  • Blissey
  • Clefable
  • Eldegoss

Tier SS | Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List - zilliongamer

Blissey excels as the ultimate support Swiss army knife, preventing and cleansing debuffs, disabling foes, providing substantial heals, and even boosting allies' damage. Clefable dominates as a healer, its AoE Moonlight offering immense sustain, while Wonder Wish and Gravity provide game-changing teamfight utility. Eldegoss shines with its combination of shielding and healing, along with a straightforward playstyle, and its ranged attacks can pose a surprising threat if left unchecked.

These Supports directly enable their teammates to carry and turn fights decisively in their team's favor. They provide reliable value across different team compositions and match situations. They offer distinct advantages or unmatched support capabilities within the role.

Tier S

  • Comfey
  • Hoopa
  • Mr Mime

Tier S | Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List - zilliongamer

Comfey Unique Support Style: Its attachment mechanic grants unmatched buffs and healing to a single ally, a niche no other support can fill. While limited to one target, the strength of Comfey's support is unparalleled when its host survives.

Hoopa is a Strategic Disruptor her Portals create opportunities for ambushes, escapes, and map dominance few can match. Also, a Teamfight Game-Changer with a well-placed portal can completely shift the tide of a team fight through repositioning and surprise attacks.

Mr. Mime brings utility through barriers and stat manipulation, along with unexpected offensive potential, but its support functions are more specialized compared to classic healing/buff-focused picks.

These Supporters rank in the S Tier due to they offer game-changing abilities or support styles no other Pokemon can replicate. They can create decisive moments for their team through disruption, empowerment, or strategic control and they significantly boost their allies' effectiveness, facilitating carries and securing objectives.

Tier A

  • Wigglytuff
  • Sableye

Tier A | Pokemon Unite Supporter Tier List - zilliongamer

Wigglytuff shines in setting up opportunities for its teammates with stuns, sleep effects, and defensive boosts from Cute Charm and Starlight Recital. It offers reliable crowd control with decent offensive potential and team protection.

Sableye breaks the typical support mold, instead focusing on deception and disrupting the enemy. Its stealth, confusing abilities like Confuse Ray, and Feint Attack for luring opponents create openings for its team. However, it lacks the direct heals or buffs expected from top-tier Supporters.

These supporters are in Tier A due to these Supporters offer strong contributions but lack the game-changing impact or unmatched capabilities of SS Tier picks.


The Supporter Tier List highlights powerful picks, but remember: Pokemon Unite is a team game. Regardless of their ranking, skilled Supports amplify their teammates' strengths, turning the tide of battle.

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