Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List 2024

Choosing the right battle item in Pokemon Unite can make the difference between a crushing defeat and a glorious victory. Discover our Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List below:

Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Tier SS

  • Eject Button
  • X-Speed

Tier SS | Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Eject Button's ability to instantly teleport a short distance provides both offensive and defensive advantages. Offensively, it allows you to surprise opponents, close the gap, and unleash devastating combos. Defensively, it serves as an escape tool to dodge incoming attacks or break free from dangerous situations.

X Speed offers a different kind of mobility boost, increasing your Pokemon's movement speed and negating hindering slow effects. This enhances your ability to chase down fleeing enemies, reposition in team fights, or retreat strategically when outnumbered. Both items boast short cooldowns, ensuring you have these powerful tools available for frequent use throughout the match.

Eject Button and X Speed stands out as essential battle items in Pokemon Unite due to their unmatched versatility and impact on gameplay.

Tier S

  • Full Heal
  • Potion
  • Shedinja Doll
  • X-Attack

Tier S | Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Full Heal's ability to cleanse status effects and provide temporary immunity is even more valuable now, especially against Pokemon like Gengar or Alolan Ninetales who rely heavily on hindering opponents.

Potion now provides a substantial health boost, making it a great option for tanks who need extra sustain in combat. This battle item is a viable choice for tanks out there as it can now heal 20-25% of your maximum health instantly! This instant burst of healing can be a lifesaver in tight situations, offering tanks crucial extra durability in the heat of battle.

Shedinja Doll, while offering a brief period of invulnerability, can be a double-edged sword. Its temporary protection leaves you vulnerable afterward, potentially setting you up for an easy takedown by the enemy team.

X Attack's buffs to both attack damage and attack speed solidify its position as a must-have for any Pokemon whose primary damage output comes from basic attacks.

Tier A

  • Slow Smoke

Tier A | Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List - zilliongamer

The ability to significantly hinder both the movement speed and attack speed of multiple enemies within its radius is incredibly powerful. This makes it easier to secure kills or escape dangerous situations. Slow Smoke excels in team fights, where it can cripple multiple opponents at once. This gives your team a significant advantage when initiating fights or defending against an enemy push.

Slow Smoke is a powerful and versatile battle item, but its reliance on skill and team coordination keeps it from reaching the absolute Top Tier.

Tier B

  • Fluffy Tail
  • Gold Getter

Tier B | Pokemon Unite Battle Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Goal-Getter and Fluffy Tail reside in Tier B because they offer situational benefits but are outshined by other options in the current Pokemon Unite meta.

Goal-Getter, designed to increase scoring speed, loses value in a meta where securing Zapdos is paramount. Zapdos' ability to instantly break goals makes traditional scoring less important compared to securing the final team fight victory.

Fluffy Tail, while offering increased damage against wild Pokemon, can aid in securing objectives like Zapdos. However, its short range limits its effectiveness in Zapdos steals, and the recent buffs to X Attack make it a more universally beneficial option – offering both damage and attack speed boosts for combat situations.


To succeed in Pokemon Unite 2024, understand how different battle items work. Our tier list is a starting point – choose items that fit your Pokemon, your team's plan, and the current meta.

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