Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List 2024

Held Items can mean the difference between securing objectives and losing team fights. Understanding the evolving meta of 2024 is crucial for choosing the perfect Held Item loadout.

Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Tier SS

  • Exp-Share
  • Focus Band
  • Wise Glasses
  • Scope Lens
  • Muscle Band
  • Choice Specs
  • Weakness Policy
  • Slick Spoon
  • Resonant Guard

Tier SS | Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Exp Share provides crucial benefits for laning success Faster Leveling It gives you and your lane partner extra experience points, letting you reach your power spikes (new moves and evolutions) faster than your opponents. Stats Boost The extra HP and movement speed improve your survivability and ability to chase down enemies or escape in the early game.

Choice Specs directly increase the damage of your Pokemon's special attacks, making each hit pack a bigger punch. It works well on any Pokemon that relies on special attacks, regardless of their usual damage output. The higher your Pokemon's base special attack stat, the more noticeable the damage increase from Choice Specs will be.

Focus Band is a powerful defensive item that helps you stay alive longer in fights. It gives you extra Defense and Special Defense, making you harder to take down. Its most important benefit is that when your health gets low, it instantly starts healing you for a short time. This healing can save you from being knocked out and gives you a chance to recover and keep fighting. Focus Band is especially strong on tanky Pokemon, like Defenders and All-Rounders, because they're built to endure damage and maximize the time the healing effect is active.

Muscle Band gives your Pokemon both increased attack damage and faster attack speed, making their basic attacks hit harder and more often.  Its unique ability to deal bonus damage based on the enemy's remaining HP makes it especially powerful against tanky Defenders, helping you shred through their defenses. Pokemon with high attack stats and reliance on fast basic attacks benefit the most from Muscle Band. This includes many physical Attackers and Speedsters.

Resonant Guard is a top-tier defensive item, boosting your Pokemon's survivability with increased HP and constant HP regeneration. It shines on Defenders and All-Rounders due to its unique shield effect: every time they deal damage, they gain a protective shield. This rewards aggressive playstyles, letting these Pokemon stay in the fight longer and absorb more damage for their team.

Scope Lens is a top-tier held item for Pokemon who rely on physical attacks and want huge bursts of damage. It's the only item that increases both your chance to land a critical hit and the damage that critical hit deals. This makes it perfect for Attackers and Speedsters, who often have lower defenses and need to take down opponents quickly.

Slick Spoon's core strength is that it lets your Special Attackers ignore a portion of the enemy's Special Defense. This means more of your attacks' damage actually lands, significantly boosting your overall output. Besides the defense shredding, Slick Spoon also gives your Pokemon a boost to their Special Attack, making their moves hit even harder. It even adds some HP, increasing the survivability of those often squishy Special Attackers.

Weakness Policy is a favorite for All-Rounders and melee-focused physical attackers because it rewards their aggressive playstyle. It provides the extra HP strengthens these Pokemon, allowing them to stay in the fray longer. Each time they take a hit, their attack power increases. This turns their natural tankiness into a growing offensive threat.

Wise Glasses are a must-have for Special Attack Pokemon because they significantly increase their Special Attack stat. All your damaging special moves will hit much harder, allowing you to take down opponents faster. If you have any support or healing moves, they'll be more effective, giving you or your allies a larger boost in health.

Tier S

  • Attack Weight
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Float Stone
  • Energy Amplifier
  • Razor Claw
  • Charging Charm

Tier S | Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Attack Weight increases your Pokemon's Attack stat each time you score a goal. This makes it powerful for physical attackers who can use the extra damage to take down enemies more easily. However, the item's usefulness depends on how often you can score goals. If you find scoring difficult or your team's strategy doesn't prioritize scoring, Attack Weight might not be the best choice.

Buddy Barrier offers incredible defensive power by granting both you and your weakest ally a large shield when you use your Unite Move. This protection is like having a bonus battle item, especially for frontline Pokemon who use their Unite Move to dive into fights. The shield lets them both survive longer and support their team with extra durability.

Charging Charm provides a significant damage boost to a Pokemon's next attack or move after it's fully charged. You charge it up by moving around or using basic attacks. Ideal for Pokemon who rely on bursts of damage, such as Attackers, Speedsters, or All-Rounders. It lets them surprise opponents with a big hit when fully charged.

Energy Amplifier excels at boosting the power and frequency of your Pokemon's Unite Move. Increased Damage: After using your Unite Move, Energy Amplifier provides a significant damage boost to your following moves. This is especially powerful for Pokemon with impactful, area-of-effect Unite Moves. Energy Amplifier reduces the cooldown of your moves, including your Unite Move. This lets you use your most powerful ability more often, giving you a major advantage in team fights.

Razor Claw is a great item for Pokemon that rely on both basic attacks and abilities. After using a move, your next basic attack deals extra damage and slows the enemy. This makes it perfect for Pokemon that weave basic attacks between their abilities for maximum damage output. The bonus critical hit chance further boosts your damage potential, making your attacks hit even harder.

Tier A

  • Assault Vest
  • Sp-Atk-Specs
  • Aeos Cookie
  • Shell Bell
  • Rapid Fire Scarf
  • Drain Crown
  • Rescue Hood
  • Curse Incense
  • Curse Bangle

Tier A | Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Assault Vest is a great defensive option for Pokemon vulnerable to powerful special attack moves. It gives you a boost to both HP and Special Defense, making you tougher against special attackers. Even better, it grants a shield that blocks a chunk of special attack damage when you're out of combat, letting you survive initial bursts and counterattack.

The Sp. Atk. Specs excel at boosting special attack damage throughout the match. Each time you score a goal, it permanently increases your Special Attack stat. This makes it a fantastic choice for any Pokemon that heavily relies on special attack abilities, whether they're focused on dealing damage, healing allies, or providing protective shields. The continuous scaling ensures your power remains relevant even in the late game.

Aeos Cookie increases your HP after each goal you score. While extra health is always useful, scoring goals often isn't the main priority in Pokemon Unite. Most strategies focus on dealing high damage, making other items that directly boost your offensive power more valuable.

Shell Bell is a strong Tier A item for Special Damage Pokemon. It offers several benefits Increases the damage your Pokemon deals with special attacks. Lets you use your special attacks more frequently. Restores a portion of your Pokemon's health every time it lands a special attack, providing extra sustain in battles.

Rapid-Fire Scarf is a powerful Tier A held item because it significantly boosts the attack speed of Pokemon who rely on basic attacks for their main damage output. This makes them hit faster and dish out more damage overall. It becomes even stronger when combined with X Attack, further increasing attack speed. Additionally, it pairs incredibly well with Drain Crown, an item that heals you based on damage dealt, creating a high-damage, high-sustain build for "turret" style Pokemon who focus on sustained basic attacks.

Drain Crown stands out in Tier A for Pokemon who rely on basic attacks. It offers a great combination of attack power, increased HP, and built-in lifesteal. This lifesteal keeps you healthy as you keep dealing damage, enhancing your survivability in drawn-out fights. Drain Crown's effectiveness scales with your damage output, so combining it with items that boost your critical hit rate will maximize its potential.

Rescue Hood is a powerful support item, ideal for Pokemon focused on healing or shielding allies. Significantly increases the power of any healing or shielding effects you provide to your teammates, making them even more effective. Boosts both Defense and Special Defense stats, allowing your support Pokemon to stay in the fight longer.

Curse Incense is a strong niche item for Special Attack Pokemon. It offers a significant boost to Special Attack, making your moves hit harder. Its unique effect also continuously damages enemies based on their max HP, which is especially effective against tanky opponents with lots of health. However, its usefulness is limited to those specific situations, making it less versatile than other options, hence its Tier A ranking.

Curse Bangle offers significant Attack stat boosts, making it a strong offensive option for Attack-type Pokemon. However, its real strength lies in its ability to deal extra damage to enemies based on their remaining HP. This makes it especially effective against tanky Pokemon with high sustain. Unfortunately, the limited number of these types of Pokemon in the current meta makes Curse Bangle a more situational choice, preventing it from reaching higher tiers.

Tier B

  • Rocky Helmet
  • Score Shield
  • Leftovers

Tier B | Pokemon Unite Held Items Tier List - zilliongamer

Rocky Helmet is a decent tank item that reflects a portion of incoming damage back to the attacker. While it offers good stat boosts, its usefulness depends on receiving large bursts of damage at once. This makes it less effective against gradual damage over time. However, if you're playing a tanky Pokemon who expects to be the focus of enemy attacks, Rocky Helmet can still be a viable choice.

Score Shield is a situational held item that can be powerful for aggressive scoring strategies. It provides a shield while scoring, letting you potentially ignore attacks and recover some HP. This is useful for diving enemy goals during chaotic team fights. However, recent nerfs make the shield easier to break, reducing its reliability. This makes Score Shield less universally useful, placing it in Tier B.

Leftovers provides steady HP recovery when you're not in battle. This can be helpful in the early game, but its value decreases as the match progresses. Better healing options become available, making Leftovers a less impactful choice for the later stages of the game.

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