Chimeraland How to get free Dragon Horse

The new event in Chimeraland just start for the new returning player you will get event call you can get Dragon Horse for free by complete all the mission in this event.

Here everything you should know how to get free Dragon Horse in this event. We will help you with the devouring evolution to get your own Dragon Horse.

How to get free Dragon Horse event

During this event the return player can claim Dragon Horse Pill event for free in order to get it you need to get 2000 Courage Value points.

How to get Courage Value you get it from your Daily Activity point it will automatically converted into Courage Value Point.

Daily Activity in Chimeraland - zilliongamer

Complete different quest to get activity point then it will automatically converted it to Courage Value point to exchange certain rewards in the Dragon Horse Pill event.

After you have 2000 Courage Value point go to the Perks on top on your screen go to event Dragon Horse Pill then claim the Dragon Horse Training Pack.

Dragon Horse Pill Event Chimeraland - zilliongamer

When you got the Dragon Horse Pill you need to get your Black Horse to devour with other Strange Beast to obtain certain body parts.

Devour Black Horse with Common Alligon, Common Stoneppo, and Condor. For Common Alligon you need it Head, Common Stoneppo's Tails, and Condor's Wings.

Here image after you successful devour all strange beast body part:

Black Horse after devour with Strange Beast - zilliongamer

After you got all of this you need to travel to meet Spirit Witch Trahaern to get your free Dragon Horse.

For more detail about How to evolve Dragon Horse and all Strange Beast Location click here.

Note: This Dragon Horse Pill Event will end in 7 day after this article published.

End of Free Dragon Horse Pill Event