COD Mobile Best Gun For Season 3 - Gun Tier List

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 update is now live and we've seen some nerf and buff toward some guns in the official patch note.

Find out the best gun to use in COD Mobile Season 3 here.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Gun Tier List

TierGun Name
SAK47, DL Q33, Locs, AKS-74U, Man-O-War, UL736
AHBRa3, Arctic.50, M16, BK57, Pharo, S36
BASM10, AK117, MSMC, PDW-57, Razorback
CRPD, Type 25, ICR-1, XPR-50, M21 EBR, LK24, M4, M4LMG, Chicom, HG 40
DHS0405, KRM-262, HS2126, BY15, Striker, J358, MW11, SMRS, FHJ-18

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COD Mobile Best Gun Tier List Season 3 - zilliongamer

This tier list is created by Tiermaker.

COD Mobile Tier Class Detail

You can see the tier in my image or the list above, I have divided all guns in COD Mobile to 5 different tier which is: S A B C D.

S is the best gun in Season 3 of COD Mobile that most players will start using in public and rank match.

A is the second tier after S which is the great gun in COD Mobile season 3.

B is overall a good guns to use for Season 3 as well.

C is for guns that is decent to use which has some stats that slack or might be not good enough to use as a main gun in Season 3.

D is for Shotgun, Pistol , and Launcher.


In Short, This tier list help you decide which is the best gun for COD Mobile Season 3. If you think the tier list is somewhat not accurate please kindly comment down below. I'm happy take in the correction anytime (:

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