COD Mobile Best Gun For Medium Range In Season 3

In COD Mobile, fighting in medium range is a factor that you often run into almost every matches. Sometime you win the fight, some time you lost.

Especially in Season 3 where you have map like Summit, Scrapyard, and Raid in rank match you will encounter even more medium range fighting.

So here are the best gun to use for medium range combat inside season 3:

1. AK117

COD Mobile Best Gun For Medium Range Season 3: AK117

AK117 currently one of the best gun in COD Mobile is also the best gun in mid range combat as well. This gun has really high fire rate, easy to control recoil, and good amount of damage.

Using AK117 in medium range is really effective and can helps you win the fight more often.

AK117 Detail

2. AKS-74U

COD Mobile Best Gun For Medium Range Season 3: AKS-74U

AKS-74U one of the top gun in Season 3 also a smg that really good to use in close range thanks to the damage of the gun and also the light recoil that is friendly to new player.

When using AKS-74U in the mid range you will see the potential of the gun especailly the recoil which is barely noticeable and hardly bounce.

AKS-74U Detail

3. BK57

COD Mobile Best Gun For Medium Range Season 3: BK57

BK57 is another assault rifle currently rank 5 in the best ar of COD Mobile season 3. BK57 has good damage, fast fire rate and also has easy recoil control as well.

BK57 is one of the gun that you should start using for medium range fight more often to see the max effect this gun can bring out.

BK57 Detail

4. HG40

COD Mobile Best Gun For Medium Range Season 3: HG40

Movin onto number 4 the HG40, another sub machine gun that is really good to use in medium range fight, the HG40 has high damage, controllable recoil and good fire rate.

When using HG40 you want to aim for the enemy body so that when the recoil start kicking it will land the shot on the head automatically.

HG40 Detail


These are some of the best gun that players like to use to win more mid range combat in COD Mobile Season 3.