Top 5 Best Assault Rifles In COD Mobile Season 3 Rank

Playing in rank match is hard, playing in high rank match is extremely challenging, you will need the best of the best gun to use in order to win the battle.

In this post we will be covering the top 5 best ar in COD Mobile Season 3 rank.

1. AK117

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 Rank: AK117 - zilliongamer

AK117 is the best assault rife to use in season 3 rank, it has the fastest fire rate on par with the Type 25.

The recoil of the gun is also easy to control make it easier to kill the enemy in close and medium range.

The time to kill in AK117 is insanely fast which is really good to use for several elimination before reloading.

If you never use AK117 in rank yet, consider give it a try. You can find it in the credit store only cost 3000 credits.

2. Type 25

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 Rank: Type 25 - zilliongamer

Type 25 is the second best assault rifle in season 3 it has the same fire rate, higher damage but the recoil is what put it on the second spot.

The recoil of the type 25 is not that hard to control especially after the help of foregrip attachment.

When fighting against medium to long range enemy the type 25 damage seems to fall off a little bit.

The time to kill of Type 25 is insanely high espeically in close range making an ability of eliminating several enemy much esier.

You can also buy Type 25 in credit store only cost 1500 credits.

3. AK-47

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 Rank: AK47 - zilliongamer

AK-47 is on the third spot after the buff coming into season 3. You will see this gun getting use more often when getting into the mid season 3 rank.

The recoil of AK-47 is now easier to control but it still require forgerip to make the gun even much better.

AK-47 has very high damage and can be use in all range combat, though long range will require tap firing.

Taking advantage of the gun by trying to fight the enemy in medium range so you can stand against AK117 and Type 25 player.

4. M16

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 Rank: M16 - zilliongamer

If you like the burst this one for you, M16 is one of the top 5 best ar in season 3 rank for several reason.

It got secretly buff, the fire rate between the burst is faster than it is in season 2.

The recoil of the burst is also low same to the spread, if you land the burst in close range you might as well eliminate an enemy instantly.

It's rare to see a player who play this gun in rank, but when you run into one, you will try to practice the gun as well.

5. BK57

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 Rank: BK57 - zilliongamer

We place BK57 in the bottom of our list for a reason, the gun has good damage, good fire rate, good recoil control, and also good range.

You will mostly see BK57 dominating in somewhere between Veteran 1 and Master 1 because of how high versatility this gun is. 

The fire rate is in good as well as the recoil which helps to eliminate enemy in any range easier.

If you are now on the process of climbing the low rank try BK57 out, it can be found in the credit store only cost 1500 credits.


In short, Season 3 meta is similar to season 2 and once you get into higher rank you will see a majority of player using these assault rifle in rank mode.

Did you see your favorite gun in our list? Leave your comment down below.

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