KN-44 Skins List

Here you can view all Call of Duty Mobile KN-44 skins and blueprint including skin rarity, attachments, and how to unlock the skin.

KN-44 Blueprint list

KN-44 Black Gold
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Black Gold - zilliongamer
UnlockS12 Battle Pass Premium Tier 40

OWC Marksman.

Red Dot Sight 1.

Ranger Foregrip.

Rubberized Grip Tape.

KN-44 Tourmaline
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Tourmaline - zilliongamer
UnlockSeason 11 Ads Lucky Board.

Red Dot Sight 3

MIP Strike Stock

Melee Master

Merc Foregrip

KN-44 Untamed
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Untamed - zilliongamer
UnlockJungle Ops Crate

RTC Light Muzzle Brake

3x Tactical Scope 1

OWC Laser - Tactical

Tactical Foregrip A

KN-44 Skins list

KN-44 Alarm
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Alarm - zilliongamer
UnlockTotal Savage Seasonal Event (S12)
KN-44 Graceful Gold
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Graceful Gold - zilliongamer
UnlockPrey and Predator Crate
KN-44 Chroma
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Chroma - zilliongamer
UnlockSharkbait Crate
KN-44 Subterfuge
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Subterfuge - zilliongamer
UnlockThe Hunt Crate
KN-44 Going Dark
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Going Dark - zilliongamer
UnlockGoing Dark II Crate
KN-44 Living Rust
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Living Rust - zilliongamer
UnlockSeason 8 Battle Pass Premium (Tier 1)
KN-44 Yellow Camo
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Yellow Camo - zilliongamer
UnlockBuried Treasure Crate
KN-44 Ashen Viper
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Ashen Viper - zilliongamer
UnlockS8 Credit Store.
KN-44 Eruption
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Eruption - zilliongamer
UnlockNo Smoking II Bundle.
KN-44 Color Spectrum
COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Color Spectrum - zilliongamer
UnlockColor Spectrum Draw

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