How to get Warzone Coin in COD Mobile To Unlock Task Force 141 Soldiers

To Celebrate Call of Duty Warzone release, you can exchange the warzone coin for 1 of the 3 Task Force 141 soldiers such as: Ghost - Stealth, Captain Price, and Gaz.

The 'Task Force 141 Warzone' exchange event will be available from 10th to 23rd march and can be found in event menu.

COD Mobile Task Force 141 Warzone Event - Unlock Price, Ghost, or Gaz for free using Warzone coin - zilliongamer

Find out how to get warzone coin to exchange in Call of Duty Mobile here.

1. Link Call of Duty account in COD Mobile

To link Call of Duty account with COD Mobile go to settings - Account login options and change it to Activision. You will need Call of Duty account in this case.

More detail on this step

If you already link Call of Duty account with your COD Mobile you can entirely skip step 1.

2. Download Call of Duty Warzone

COD Warzone are available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Battle.Net. Choose which platform you use and download the game for free.

3. Log In Warzone with the Same COD Mobile Account

After you link Call of Duty account to your COD Mobile, you are required to log in your COD Mobile account in COD Warzone and complete in-game tutorial

After you complete the tutorial, you will receive the warzone coin in your COD Mobile mailbox within 72 hours.

4. Claim Warzone Coin to Unlock Gaz, Ghost, or Price

After you receive your Warzone coin, go into your COD Mobile event tab - find Task Force 141 - Warzone then choose one of the given soldiers which is Gaz, Captain Price, and Ghost stealth.

COD Mobile Task Force 141 Warzone Event Tab - Unlock Price, Ghost, or Gaz for free using Warzone coin - zilliongamer

Choose Your Favorite Soldiers Wisely!


This is a free chance that Call of Duty Mobile players can unlock an epic soldier by exchanging Warzone coin by just download Call of Duty Warzone and complete the tutorial.

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2 CommentsZilliongamer
  • Adrian

    commended 2020-03-11

    Hi Ratanak, i downloaded the game on my pc to get the coin but when i tried to open the game i couldn´t do so because my pc doesn´t meet the minimal requirements :(. If i give you my account details, could you please try to log in so i can get the coin?
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-03-11

      Hi Adrian, To Log into COD Warzone will required your COD Mobile account as well not just, Did you already link your COD Mobile account with Call of Duty?
    • Adrian

      commended 2020-03-14

      Yes, i already have it
  • Ryan

    commended 2020-03-11

    Do I have to keep that account logged in for 72hours or logging in once is enough?
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-03-11

      Login once is enough, but you have to complete the tutorial as well, the 72 hours is just the time that you will get your warzone coin, make sure to keep checking COD Mobile mailbox.

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