How to get Series Point in COD Mobile for Free Draw

For the Holiday season of 2023, COD Mobile has blessed us with yet another Free draw that allows you to unlock 6 legendary skins for free using Series point card.

Free Holiday Series Draw | COD Mobile

The reward that you can unlock for free include: DL Q33 - Holidays, AK117 - Holidays, QXR - Secret Santa, PKM - Red Nose Revenge, PP19 Bizon - JINGLE-55, and RUS-79U - Holiday Lights.

Inside this draw, you can also spent money to get any of the legendary skins you want or you can use Series point that you can get for free and here are how to get Series point in COD Mobile.

Note: For every 100 series point you can exchanged for 1 free draw. 

How to get more Series Point in CODM

Go to Events --> Featured --> Holiday Series Bonus, inside this event tab you'll be able to unlock 500 Series points which equivalent to 5 free draws. Make sure you take advantage of that by simply login everyday for the next 7 days.

How to get Series point in COD Mobile

After 7 days of login, you will also unlock a free epic version of the Arctic.50 call Arctic.50 - Black Horizon as well. So this event is basically free and will give you rewards plus a chance to get your favorite legendary skins as well.

More ways to get Series Point

How to get more Series points in COD Mobile | 1

Go to Holiday Series-->Click on the Ribbon-->Claim free 300 Series points. As simple as that you are now able to play the draw 3 more time for free.

How to get more Series points in COD Mobile | 2

How to get more Series points in COD Mobile | 3

Note 2: When you choose the legendary skin that you can want to get from the draw, the chance will increased, so our tips is to stick with that 1 reward until you get it and then you can move into another reward.

Currently, these are all ways that you can unlock Series point in COD Mobile for free. Good luck and Have a happy holiday. We hope you get your legendary skin for free out of this draw.


In short, this are a really good opportunity for you to finally get at least one free legendary skin from COD Mobile. Stack your luck on one reward and go all in. Don't split your chance.