COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Release Date, Map, and Battle Pass Skins

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Release date is expected to release in 11 July 2020 which is 1 days after the Season 7 battle pass expired.

Here you can find all the Season 8 leaks including new maps, battle pass skins, and more before it roll out.

Season 8 Map Leaks

The first map that will release in Season 8 will be High Rise, this leaks is officially confirmed by COD Mobile Twitter.

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: High Rise Map - zilliongamer

High Rise is a multiplayer map that is located in a construction site with iconic crane, underground hallways, and inside building combat madness. 

Season 8 Battle Pass Skins

Confirmed Battle Pass "The Forge"

It is comfirmed that in COD Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass name is "The Forge" featuring 4 new characters, 1 new weapon, and 1 operator skill and will released in 11 July, 2020.

COD Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass Leaks - zilliongamer

Detail: Battle Pass "The Forged"

Prediction (WRONG)

The Season 8 Battle Pass is expected to be an Aircraft theme in COD Mobile, thanks to Murdablast one of the best leaker out there.

Now there are only 2 skins that leaks in Season 8 Battle Pass those are Striker Aircraft and AK117 Aircraft Gun.

Striker Aircraft

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Striker Aircraft - zilliongamer

The Striker aircraft skin are found in the season 6 game files, and also teased by COD Mobile Garena as well state Murdablast.

AK117 Aircraft

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: AK117 Aircraft - zilliongamer

The same leaks of AK117 Aircraft also found in Season 6 game files.

Important: The Aircraft theme is just a prediction of Season 8.

Real Confirmed Season 8 Theme

COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server

There won't be a test server for COD Mobile Season 8 because it is relatively out soon.

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: No Test Server - zilliongamer

But there will be a public test server dropping not too long after S8 release - said Call of Duty Mobile.

So we might be recieving a Season 9 Tester Sever from COD Mobile Dev Team instead.


In Short, The COD Mobile Season 8 is expected to release in 11 July, with new map name High Rise and the Season 8 Battle Pass is expected to be An Aircraft theme.