COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Apocalypse Day Release Date and Battle Pass

Here you can find COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks contents covering new theme name "Apocalypse Day", update release date, and the battle pass main character.

Important: Our leaks are from Murdablast, The most reliable leakers in CODM.

Season 8 "Apocalypse Day" Release Date

COD Mobile Season 8 Apocalypse Day Leaks - zilliongamer

The COD Mobile Season 8 will be featuring the Apocalypse day circus theme and the release date is 11, July, 2020.

Season 8 Battle Pass Release Date

The Season 8 Battle pass will release 2 day after the season 8 update drop which is expected to be 13, July, 2020. The theme of Battle pass Season 8 is also likely to be Apocalypse theme.

Season 8 Skins Leaks

Here are the leaks of COD Mobile Season 8 skins that are found inside the game file featuring character, name card, and frame.

Photo are taking out of Murdablast Leaks Video and G-MAN.

New Character Skins


COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks Character: Clown - zilliongamer

This character known as clown is a character that availble to play in COD Advanced Warfare, and now they are coming into COD Mobile Season 8.


COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks Character: Makarov - zilliongamer

Makarov one of the most iconic character in COD Modern Warfare 2 mission "Remember, No Russian" is also leaked that he might be coming in Season 8 as well.

New Frame Skins

There are several new frame skins that found in the game file.

ChainedCOD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Chained Frame - zilliongamerMelting PointCOD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Melting Point Frame - zilliongamer
Parctical JokerCOD Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Practical Joker Frame - zilliongamer 

New Calling Card Skins

Here are several new calling card that are also found in the Season 8 game file.

COD Mobiel Season 8 Leaks: Backdraft calling card -zilliongamer
Double Crossed
COD Mobiel Season 8 Leaks: Double Crossed calling card -zilliongamer
Gunzos Folly
COD Mobiel Season 8 Leaks: Gunzos Folly calling card -zilliongamer
Hot Metal
COD Mobiel Season 8 Leaks: Hot Metal calling card -zilliongamer

Special thanks to G-MAN that found all these photo inside the game file.


In conclusion, This is the newest COD Mobile Season 8 leaks that will feature Apocalypse Theme and the release date for both Season 8 update and battle pass.

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