COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: MP5, Character, Battle Royale

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When will Season 7 Release?

CODM Season 7 is expected to release on June 11 or 12 depend on which country you live in. This is yet to confirmed by COD Mobile Official Twitter.


MP5 is a submachine gun that was leaked inside the Season 7 test server a week ago.

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: New Gun MP5 SMG - zilliongamer

It is a common version smg that has fast fire rate, high damage, moderate recoil and good to use in close range.

New Characters

According to Call of Duty Mobile News in Season 7 we will be getting 2 new characters skins which are Ghost Hazmat and Krueger - Alchemist.

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: New Characters - zilliongamer

Ghost Hazmat: Tier 1 (Premium Battle Pass).

Krueger - Alchemist: Tier 12 (Premium BP).

There will be more characters coming into Season 7, but it will be in crate, bundle, or lucky draw.

New Locations in Battle Royale Map

COD Mobile Battle royale players will receive 7 new locations to drop in Season 7 such as:

  • Downtown
  • Black Market
  • Harbor
  • Sanitarium
  • Frigid Wetland
  • Ski Town
  • Heat

Here is some sneak peek of the new location:

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In conclusion, COD Mobile Season 7 is expected to update on June 11 or 12 with 2 new characters, new MP5 smg, and new locations for Battle royale map.

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