COD Mobile Season 3 - Phantom, Scrapyard, Warfare and More

Only 7 days left for COD Mobile Season 3 to go on live server. Here are what confirmed so far!

On the welcome screen of Call of Duty Mobile we've seen these:

COD Mobile Season 3 - New MP Map Scrapyard & Phantom - zilliongamer

"New MP Map! Scrapyard - Close Quarter Combat." But there is more. Did you notice the new character on the left? 

Yep! That is Phantom, one of the most iconic character in Call of Duty: Infinite warfare.

Another stuff that confirmed when Season 3 come out is Warfare - a new Battle royale game mode.

COD Mobile Season 3 - New BR Gamemode: Warfare - zilliongamer

Warfare is a new game mode experience for Battle royale players. A 20vs20 Warfare gamemode where you drop and loot then move into a small circle zone with full pact of shooting, nonstop action going around you. Infinite death, you die and respawn back. Team who reach the score limit first win the game.


With only 1 week left for COD Mobile Season 3 to come out we will be seeing a lot of new contents. This is just some contents that already confirmed.

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