XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Comparison

Find out the comparison between XPR-50 vs M21 EBR in Call of Duty Mobile here.

The comparison is mainly focus on each gun stats, gun skin perks, and weapon attachment did not compared.

XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Overview

Find out the comparison of XPR-50 and M21 EBR in COD Mobile here.

XPR-50 and M21 EBR is an auto sniper rifle that has similar stats and traits. Each gun can eliminate enemy with 2 or 3 shots but one of these is harder to use. Find out here.

XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Comparison

Note: This is the original stats. No attachment equipped in the comparison. These stats are taken from each weapon prime range:

  • XPR-50 (25 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 80.
    • Fire Interval: 250ms.
    • Aiming Time: 340ms.
    • Stead Aim Count Down: 5.0s.
  • M21-EBR (10 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 100.1.
    • Fire Interval: 250ms.
    • Aiming Time:350ms.
    • Steady Aim Count Down: 5.0s.


XPR-50 has higher fire rate than M21 EBR which allows this gun to shoot faster and can eliminate enemy quicker than the M21.


M21 EBR has higher accuracy and support longer range than the XPR-50.

High accuracy: Allows M21 EBR to hit the target easier and having lighter recoil when firing.

Long range: Allows M21 EBR to hit the target farther than XPR-50.

Comparison Result

M21 EBR win the comparison because it is easy to use and can eliminate enemy at longer range than XPR-50.


M21 EBR took the first place for being an easier auto sniper rifle to use and can reach farther target than the XPR-50. Think the comparison result is not fair? Leave your comment down below.