XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Comparison

Find out the comparison between XPR-50 vs M21 EBR in Call of Duty Mobile here.

The comparison is mainly focus on each gun stats, gun skin perks, and weapon attachment did not compared.

XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Overview

Find out the comparison of XPR-50 and M21 EBR in COD Mobile here.

XPR-50 and M21 EBR is an auto sniper rifle that has similar stats and traits. Each gun can eliminate enemy with 2 or 3 shots but one of these is harder to use. Find out here.

XPR-50 VS M21 EBR Comparison

Note: This is the original stats. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

StatsXPR-50M21 EBR
Fire Rate4035


XPR-50 vs M21 EBR Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

XPR-50 has higher fire rate than M21 EBR which allows this gun to shoot faster and can eliminate enemy quicker than the M21.


XPR-50 vs M21 EBR Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

M21 EBR has higher accuracy and support longer range than the XPR-50.

High accuracy: Allows M21 EBR to hit the target easier and having lighter recoil when firing.

Long range: Allows M21 EBR to hit the target farther than XPR-50.

Comparison Result

M21 EBR win the comparison because it is easy to use and can eliminate enemy at longer range than XPR-50.

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M21 EBR took the first place for being an easier auto sniper rifle to use and can reach farther target than the XPR-50. Think the comparison result is not fair? Leave your comment down below.

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