Man-O-War VS S36 Comparison

Here is the comparison between Man-O-War vs S36 we break down all the strength of both guns and let your vote decide on which one is the best gun among the two.

Man-O-War VS S36 Overview

COD Mobile best gun comparison: Man-O-War vs S36 - zilliongamer

Two of COD Mobile best guns, the Man-O-War and S36 are the highest damage guns in the game. Both guns have impressive stats and can be use in close and long range combat.

Man-O-War VS S36 Stats Comparison

Note: This is the original stats comparison. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

Fire Rate5275

Both Man-O-War and S36 has the same damage output.


COD Mobile Man-O-War Assault rifle guide - zilliongamer

The assault rifle Man-O-War has less fire rate than S36 but the gun has very high accurate, mobility, and surprisingly can support longer range as well.

High accuracy: Allows Man-O-War to hit the target much easier with less recoil and easier to hit moving target.

High mobility: When using Man-O-War you will move faster than when using S36 and that is a big advantage lead.

High Range: Man-O-War can shoot at farther target and deal more damage than S36.


Man-O-War vs S36 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

The best light machine gun in COD Mobile S36 has the same damage as the Man-O-War but higher fire rate.

High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows S36 to shoot faster than Man-O-War and eliminate enemy much faster.

Comparison Result

After the comparison you can see that Man-O-War has more higher stats than S36 lmg. The only thing Man-O-War lack is fire rate but S36 lack mobility, range, and accuracy when compare to the Man-O-War.

Best Close range

For sure Man-O-War is clearly better than S36 in close range because you can run faster, even though, the gun has lower fire rate but the damage output is the same and the accuracy is much better.

Best Long range

Man-O-War also won the long range comparison against S36 because of the insanely high accuracy and longer range support. Making Man-O-War hitting long target much easier.


In conclusion, we clearly see that Man-O-War is much better than S36 even though S36 is the best gun to use for a long time, seems like we have a new best gun in COD Mobile.

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