Man-O-War VS AK117 Comparison

Here is the comparison between Man-O-War vs AK117 we break down all the strength of both guns and let your vote decide on which one is the best gun among the two.

Man-O-War VS AK117 Overview

COD Mobile Best guns comparison: Man-O-War vs AK117 - zilliongamer

AK117 have been the best gun in COD Mobile for 2 seasons already, now come Man-O-War the new gun that has an impressive stats. This comparison will help you find out. Do we have the new best gun?

Man-O-War VS AK117 Comparison

Note: This is the original stats comparison. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

Fire Rate5270


COD Mobile Man-O-War Assault rifle guide - zilliongamer

The only thing Man-O-War has lower than AK117 is the fire rate, other than that the gun has higher damage, accuracy, moblity, and range.

High damage: Allows Man-O-War to eliminate target taking fewer shots than AK117.

High accuracy: Help reduce Man-O-War recoils and allows the gun to hit moving target easier than AK117.

High mobility: When using Man-O-War you will move faster than when using AK117.

High range: Allows Man-O-War to deal higher damage at farther range than AK117.


Man-O-War vs AK117 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

AK117 has higher fire rate than Man-O-War but it has lower damage, accuracy, mobility, and range.

High fire rate: Allows AK117 to shoot faster than Man-O-War, but only good in close range.

Comparison Result

After the comparison you can see that Man-O-War has a lot of higher stats than AK117 and the only thing the Man-O-War lose to AK117 is fire rate.

Best Close range

Man-O-War seems to have higher advantage against AK117 in close range even though AK117 has higher fire rate but the damage and accuracy are on the Man-O-War favor.

Best Long range

For sure that Man-O-War won the comparison against AK117 in long range combat because the stats itself shows how far the Man-O-War can reach.


In conclusion, we might have just witness the new best gun in COD Mobile? What is your opinion on this comparison? Leave your comment down below.