M4 VS AK-47 Comparison

Here in the comparison between M4 vs AK-47 we break down all the strength of both guns and let your vote decide on which one is the best gun among these two.

The comparison is mainly focused on each gun stats, gun skin perk and weapon attachment did not compare.

M4 VS AK-47 Overview

M4 vs AK-47 - Gun Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

Two of the infamous guns in Call of Duty Mobile going to compare with each other to see each gun strength and weakness. Find out the comparison here.

M4 VS AK-47 Stats Comparison

Note: This is the original stats. No attachment is equipped in the comparison. Each stats represent their prime range:

  • M4 (14 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 27.5
    • Fire Interval: 88ms.
    • Aiming Time: 240ms.
    • Max Spread: 20.
  • AK-47 (20 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 36.3
    • Fire Interval: 110ms.
    • Aiming Time: 280ms.
    • Max Spread: 17.

The AK-47 outclass M4 when it come to damage and fire rate, the gun overall perform better than M4 assault rifle.


M4 has lower damage and support shorter range than AK-47 but the gun has higher fire rate and more accurate.

High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows M4 to fire much faster than AK-47.

High accuracy: Having higher accuracy allows M4 to fire and hit targets easier than AK-47.


AK-47 has lower fire rate and accuracy than M4 but the gun has higher damage and can reach longer target that M4 couldn't.

High damage: Having higher damage allows AK-47 to eliminate enemy with fewer shots than M4.

High range: Having a longer-range advantage helps AK-47 to hit the target much farther than M4.

Comparison Result

Close range situation

M4 won the comparison against AK-47 in close range situation because having higher fire rate and accuracy helps you to kill easier.

Long range situation

AK-47 won the comparison against M4 in long range situation because AK-47 have higher damage and can reach longer target where M4 couldn't.


After the comparison between M4 and AK-47, we clearly see that both guns have their own strength in different situations.

Which one do you think is the best gun in COD Mobile among the two? Leave your comment down below.

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