BK57 VS ICR-1 Comparison

Here in the comparison between BK57 vs ICR-1 we break through all the strength of both guns and let your vote decide on which one is the best gun among the two.

The comparison is mainly focused on each gun stats, gun skin perks and weapon attachment did not compare.

BK57 VS ICR-1 Overview

BK57 vs ICR-1 - Gun Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

BK57 and ICR-1 comparison to see which gun can output and perform better in a different situation.

BK57 VS ICR-1 Stats Comparison

Note: This is the original stats of each gun. No attachment equipped in this comparison.

Fire Rate6357


BK57 vs ICR-1 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

BK57 has higher damage, fire rate, and support longer range than ICR-1 but it has lower accuracy.

High damage: Having higher damage allows BK57 to eliminate an enemy by taking less shots than ICR-1.

High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows BK57 to shoot faster than ICR-1.

High range: Having higher range allows BK57 to hit the enemy at longer range than ICR-1.


BK57 vs ICR-1 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.ICR-1 has lower damage, fire rate, and range than BK57 but the only thing that ICR-1 has an advantage over BK57 is accuracy.

High accuracy: Having higher accuracy allows ICR-1 to hit the target much easier than BK57.

Comparison Result

The result after comparing BK57 and ICR-1 seems to show us that BK57 is much better than ICR-1 in almost every situation.

Close range situation

BK57 won the comparison against ICR-1 by having higher damage and more fire rate than ICR-1.

Long range situation

BK57 also won the comparison in long range situation against ICR-1 because it supports longer range.


In short, BK57 much better to use than ICR-1 in both close and long range situations.

Which one you think is the best gun in COD Mobile among the two? Leave your vote down below.