AKS-74U (RUS-79U) VS AK117 Comparison

The comparison between AKS-74U and AK117 in Call of Duty Mobile helps break down both guns' strengths and weaknesses.

[Note] Both gun skin perks did not compare to avoid unfair comparison or p2w perspective.

AKS-74U VS AK117 Overview

The comparison between AKS-74U and AK117 in Call of Duty Mobile.

AKS-74U and AK117 are arguably two of the best close range guns in Call of Duty Mobile. Both guns are from two different classes, AKS-74U is in the submachine gun (smg) and AK117 is in assault rifle (ar) class.

In close range situations, both guns seem to be very useful thanks to its fast fire rate that helps fire extremely fast and can eliminate an enemy with just 4 or 5 direct hits.

AKS-74U (RUS-79U) VS AK117 Stats Comparison

Note: This is original stats. No attachment equipped in this comparison. These stats are from each weapon prime range.

  • RUS-79U (9 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 30.8.
    • Fire Interval: 78ms.
    • Aiming Time: 240ms.
    • Max Spread: 16.
  • AK117 (10 meters)
    • Chest Damage: 30.
    • Fire Interval: 78ms.
    • Aiming Time: 260ms.
    • Max Spread: 10.

AKS-74U (RUS-79U)

Take a look at AKS-74U's impressive stats. We clearly see that AKS-74U has higher damage, accuracy, and mobility than AK117, the fire rate is also high but not as high as AK117.


AKS-74U can shoot fast, has high damage and very accurate. When using the gun you also move faster.


The gun has low range. You don't want to use it in long range combat because it can't deliver you the same damage that you expect.


AK117 though has lower damage than AKS-74U but it has higher fire rate which is every gun dream of, the higher fire rate the better because you want to eliminate an enemy as quick as possible.


AK117 has fast fire rate, it can eliminate an enemy very quick in close range even it has lower damage than AKS-74U.

AK117 can be use in both close range fight and long range fight and still deliver that same amount of damage.


The only weakness AK117 suffer from is low damage, but don't let the number doubt you, try to use it and you will see it by yourself.

Comparison Result

Because both AKS74U and AK117 are fairly good to use, we decide to provide you a suggestion instead of result:

If you play in a small map like crossfire where you need to shoot fast, move fast, and shoot again go for AKS-74U.

If you play in a map that the odds of you running into the enemy is random which mean sometime close range sometime far, go for AK117.

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