AK117 VS M4 Comparison

Here in the comparison between AK117 and M4 we break down all strength of both guns and let your vote decide on which one is the best gun among the two.

The comparison is mainly focus on each gun stats, gun skin perks and weapon attachment did not compared.

AK117 VS M4 Overview

AK117 VS M4 - Gun comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

AK117 and M4 has the same mobility and similar range which means that both of these guns have the same travel speed when holding and can shot to reach the same target range.

AK117 VS M4 Stats Comparison

Note: This is original stats. No attachment equipped in the comparison.

Fire Rate7060


AK117 vs M4 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

AK117 has lower accuracy and range than M4 but it has higher damage and fire rate.

High damage: Having higher damage allows AK117 to eliminate an enemy by taking less shots than M4.

High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows AK117 to shoot faster than M4.


AK117 vs M4 Comparison in Call of Duty Mobile.

M4 has lower damage and fire rate than AK117 but it has higher accuracy and support longer range.

High accuracy: Having higher accuracy helps M4 to hit target more accurate than AK117.

High range: Having high range allows M4 to shoot the target at farther range than AK117.

Comparison Result

After the stats comparison you can see that the two gun has their own traits advantage in different situation, however AK117 seems to have more power than M4 in both close range and long range.

Close range situation

AK117 win the comparison in close range situation against M4 by having more damage and fire rate.

Long range situation

M4 win the comparison in long range situation despite having better accuracy and support longer range.


As shown in the comparison it is no wonder that AK117 have more power M4 even though M4 outcome sometime reward in long range situation.

Which one you think is the best guns in COD Mobile among the two? Leave your comment down below.