Loadout Customization

Loadout is very important in Call of Duty Mobile. It allows you to prepare your perks, weapons, grenades, and operator skill before joining a match.

Call of Duty Mobile Full Loadout - zilliongamer your game guide

A Full loadout consists of:

  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon
  • Operator skill
  • 2 Grenades
  • 3 Perks
  • Character

You will get 2 weapon loadouts once you complete the game tutorial.

Customize Your Loadout

Tap on Loadout at the bottom of the screen, the left side is for both primary and secondary weapons and the other side is for choosing the character, operator skill, grenade, and perks.

Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Loadout - zilliongamer your game guideCall of Duty Mobile Character, Operator skill, Grenade, Perk Loadout - zilliongamer your game guide

You can also customize attachment for each weapon inside loadout.

Multiple Loadouts

Call of Duty Mobile Multiple Loadouts - zilliongamer your game guide

Multiple loadouts offer a wide variety of playstyle choices in a single match. The maximum loadout is 5.

However, you will need to reach a certain level to unlock each loadout.

This table shows the required level:

Loadout #Level

Having 5 loadouts doesn't mean you can only change weapons but perks, grenades, and character are also changeable.